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Lessons from Disney Princess: Cinderella



Many American girls grew up watching countless Disney movies, paying particular attention to the Disney Princesses. I remember having an abundance of Disney princess items. From dolls, play makeup, and markers. Anything that could be sold to children, Disney would slap a familiar princess face onto it, and it would sell. I had a soft spot for the costumes that replicated their dresses, and I would wear them to Walmart, the gas station, and doctor appointments. I, along with my peers, wanted to be a Disney princess. Now being grown, I reflect back on why I wanted to be one and understand if my feelings have changed considering my maturity level now.

Cinderella is one of the OG princesses and was the movie that saved the Walt Disney company from bankruptcy in 1950. Often regarded as a helpless damsel waiting around for a prince, upon rewatching the movie, I can’t help but admire her for her character and the wisdom she gives. What wisdom? You may ask. Find out below.

Kindness is NOT a Weakness

Even in the face of adversity, Cinderella remained gentle. Forever printed in my mind is that scene where the stepsisters tear apart her pink dress. Four-year-old me was so shocked and sad. I feel like I would have tried to give a one-two combo to those mean stepsisters as soon as they mess with me, but Cinderella knew that inflicting hate back on them would not solve her problems. Holding your tongue seems hard in scenarios like these, but choosing to be kind to your bully takes great personal vindication and shows a strong moral character.

Haters gonna Hate

Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother were always hating on poor Cindy! Even though she was incredibly kind and patient, they treated her like a doormat. No matter who in your life is giving you hate, whether that be a stranger or a close family member, remember that the hate they give is a reflection of them, not you. Cinderella kept doing her thing, which, besides being an indentured servant, was dreaming, singing, and being kind to all. Pay your haters no mind, and live your life to the best of your ability.

A Dream can be a Powerful thing

A criticism for Cinderella is that her “dream” was to have a man rescue her. When, really, she never explicitly showed she was waiting for a man. Cinderella never lost sight of her dream, which was having an overall better life filled with love and happiness. Attending the ball gave her joy, and she just so happened to fall in love with Prince Charming. Her dream of being happy and loved was the source of inspiration for her kindness and positivity. And shows that dreaming can get you through a difficult situation.

Sarah is a Nutrition major at Texas A&M University from San Antonio, Texas. She is passionate about raising awareness of sexual assault in hopes of a future where everyone's bodies remain their own. In her free time she enjoys vintage fashion, reading, good food, and daydreaming in local cafes.
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