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Last Semester Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

As I start wrap up my time at Texas A&M, I linger on a few things left undone. Things I’ve always wanted to do, but for some reason never got to doing. When I first came to A&M, I promised myself I would attend as many football games as I could; I would go to as many traditional events as possible to get an overall experience of attending my dream school. I wanted to soak in every detail, and paint my hair vibrant colors to encourage freshman to join fish camp. But here I am, standing almost three months apart from my graduation date, where I can officially classify myself as a 2 percenter. That OR— I can challenge myself, as well as other graduating seniors, to follow this bucket list I’ve intricately put together (OK. My roommate helped. S/O to you, Mollie. You’re getting into heaven first) to ensure my last semester is the best semester. 


Go to First Friday

For those of you who don’t know what this is, allow me to explain. The first Friday of every month, Downtown Bryan hosts an event where guests can line up for free entertainment. You can experience live music, street art, and restaurants. Food trucks stay busy and open longer, creating an atmosphere where you can come and have fun with your friends. Don’t miss out on the First Friday of this month Today, February 3!


Run for the Ring

Now I’m gonna be quite frank with you, I don’t run. I hardly jog. It’s a miracle if you see me step outside my house other than to attend classes. If I could have Ariana Grande’s bodyguard carry me from place to place, I wouldn’t complain. BUT, Run for the Ring is something I could possibly sign up for. It is a 5k race that provides ring scholarships to five lucky contestants — hence the whole run for the ring thing. 


Attend a sports game

​Seriously. ANY game. It doesn’t even have to be football. You paid for that 12th man pass for a reason. USE IT. 


Go to every coffee shop in town

Writing is literally all I do. I feel like I’m not living up to expectations when I don’t sit at coffee shops and write poetry about my complicated life, know what I’m sayin’? SO– where should I start? Harvest Coffee Bar? Sweet Eugene’s? The Brew? The Village Cafe? The list is seemingly endless here.


Ring Dance

An excuse to wear a dress! Ring Dance is the last “social” event as students. We also get to take pictures with our dates under the giant replica of the Aggie Ring, and share it for future Ags to see. 


Camaraderie BBQ

This takes place before Muster, where you can come out for live music, eat BBQ and hang out with the Aggie Family. This is also when the 50 year reunion of a certain class comes along, so many performances take place. It’s a chance to visit with older Ags and bond over our experiences here at Aggieland.



This, often times, is considered everyone’s favorite Aggie Tradition— and is in no doubt mine. I sang at one when I was in Women’s Chorus, and my mind was blown. The fact that we still honor each other even after we’re gone and offer support to the families makes me so proud to attend this school. THIS is what being an Aggie is all about. 


Go Pond Hopping

​I’ve always wanted to jump in Rudder Fountain in my cap and gown. It’s just how I pictured going down.


Ring Dunk

I got my Aggie Ring in November but haven’t dunked it yet! I would try to give myself a time limit, but there’s no way I can chug a pitcher full of beer in 17 seconds. Nope. I’m sorry. Y’all be askin’ too much of me.

Ruby Majano is an Agricultural Communiations and Journalism major at Texas A&M University. She loves music, poetry and story telling. Ruby aspires to be a print journalist and dreams of one day writing for the New York Times.