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Last Minute Halloween Costumes For the Girlies Who Procrastinate

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

If October 31st crept up on you this year, you might find yourself scrambling for an easy last minute Halloween costume that looks both amazing and non-basic. Don’t worry, I’ve found myself in that situation more times than I can count. I’ve rounded up a couple Halloween costumes that are easy to put together and won’t require a million Amazon Prime orders.


After all of the craze that the barbie movie generated this year, going as barbie for Halloween will be a recognizable outfit that won’t require much work. All you need to do is throw on any pink outfit and pair it with a cowboy hat that you probably already have lying around in your closet. The great thing about this costume is that you can easily order a sparkly pink cowgirl hat on Amazon and it can carry the whole look. If you don’t want to go as cowboy barbie, throwing on a pink dress with pink makeup will do the trick perfectly as well.


Turn the barbie costume into a cute couples look by getting your significant other to dress up in a suit and a bowler hat.

American Psycho

This is an iconic costume which is instantly recognizable to almost everyone. All you need is a white button down t-shirt, some black pants or shorts, a black tube top, a red tie, and some fake blood. What I love about this costume is that you probably have almost all the clothing needed in your closet already. All you need is some fake blood and a prop axe for extra points.


This costume is so cute and so simple. All you need is an outfit that is either black or gold, some one dollar bills (fake or real to tuck into waistband), a gold builder hat (amazon), and a gold shovel (amazon). The only things you would need to order are the gold props because you can be versatile with the outfit.

Black Widow

Black Widow has to be one of the easiest costumes since all you need is an all black outfit (could literally be a black lulu define jacket with yoga pants) and the widow belt which can be easily ordered off Amazon.


Sirens have been super trendy lately and being one for Halloween could not be simpler. All you need is a dress, preferably around a nude/iridescent tone, stick on crystals, and some fake pearl ropes that you can find for 5 dollars off amazon. All you need to do is wear your dress and drape ropes of pearls around your waist and neckline. Spray your hair with water or cover in gel so it can achieve “the wet look”. Apply some stick on crystals around your eye and opt for a glossy blue toned makeup look as the final touch.

Kiss, Mary, Kill

This trio costume is such a fun and creative idea. One girl needs to wear a red dress and red lipstick for “kiss” and should opt for red themed makeup. Extra points if she can get someone to put lipstick kiss marks all over her. The second girl needs a white dress with white gloves for “marry”. Super easy to find cheap white gloves and an optional veil on Amazon. For “kill”, the last girl needs a black dress with fake blood and a fake gun. Overall, the only things needed from amazon for the whole group costume would be white gloves, a veil, fake blood, and a fake gun. Each item can be found for only 9 dollars each off Amazon.

Hopefully these couple of costumes give you some last minute inspiration for a cute Halloween look!

Mishael Juma is a social media committee member of the Her Campus at Texas A&M chapter. Along with writing articles, she films, edits, and promotes content for the social media platforms. Beyond Her Campus, Mishael explores internships and opportunities as a business marketing student on the pre-law track at TAMU. She has worked numerous jobs in the field of education and has interned as an e-commerce and digital marketing intern at Saudi Fashion Designer brand: Nouf Al-Sudairi. Mishael is currently a freshman; post graduation she hopes to go to Columbia Law school on the corporate law track. In her free time, Mishael enjoys going to the gym, traveling, reading romance novels, and going out with friends. Some fun facts about her are that she loves to collect gold jewelry, her favorite artist is Nicki Minaj, and her favorite car is a Porsche Turbo S.