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The Land of Broken Souls

Alone in a sea of remembrance. 

The clock just screamed 2:00 am. 

The shadows and city are waiting 

for her lips to whisper his name 


Long gone, but hardly forgotten. 

His essence still in a box. 

That box she sealed with her tears 

and promised to keep in a drawer. 


March and its younger sister. 

Five and its brother, Twelve.

Trapped at the end of that winter, 

her once young heart remains. 


Sadness has an anthem; 

its chorus rhymes with him 

In the land of broken souls 

where the hopeless go and sing.

Hello, My name is Brenda. I am a senior student at Texas A&M, majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Spanish. I have an enormous passion for reading and writing. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. I enjoy practicing playing the piano and singing, for I believe music feeds the soul. I consider myself to be the biggest Disney Fan. My favorite movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast, and I dream of becoming a dentist one day.
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