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I’m Going to Back-to-Back-to-Back Concerts This Month. Wish Me Luck With School.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

I am going to back-to-back-to-back concerts this month. I’m seeing Remi Wolf this weekend, Andrew Bird next weekend, and finally I’m going to weekend two of ACL the weekend afterwards. (Not to mention, I’ll also be missing a week of school in late November.) I have no idea how I am going to manage school while driving two hours to Austin and back every weekend for the next month! This is a list of all the things I’m going to do to make sure I keep up with school and work while retaining some semblance of sanity.

1. Religious Devotion to my Google Calendar

If it’s not on the G-Cal, it’s not happening. When I’m super busy (finals week, concert mania, etc.) I start scheduling everything down to commute times, study sessions, and sleep. My favorite trick is to ALWAYS overestimate the time things are going to take me. I like to prepare for the worst version of myself completing all my calendar tasks. For instance, how long will it take me to do a homework assignment when I have four hours of sleep, no caffeine, a spotty wi-fi connection, and a death wish? That’s the time I put into my calendar. It’s nice because if I’m having a hard time I don’t feel bad about taking too much time, and if I’m doing great I gain a bunch of time back!

P.S. – I actually use iCalendar most of the time, but you get the idea. 

2. Doing Homework Ahead of Time (Seriously.)

This is the hardest one. I have work due almost every other day, but on the weekends I always try to complete something that’s due the following Thursday or Friday. That way, when I get to the end of the week and I’m completely exhausted, I have less on my plate. I also have midnight deadlines on Friday, and I will do everything I can to get an early start to my weekend. 

3. Working Weekends (Hello UT Libraries!)

If you see me studying on campus at UT Austin, no you didn’t. Horns down forever, but also… when a girl needs to study she needs to study, right? Whenever I go to Austin, I always try to schedule time to study and stay on top of my work. My favorite Austin study spots include the UT Life Science Library, Bennu Coffee, and the Union on campus. (Everyone who knows me at A&M, please forget you ever read this article.) Bennu Coffee is especially fantastic because they have literature-themed drinks, the coziest armchairs on the planet Earth, and they’re open 24 hours!

4. Study Sessions!

Scheduling study sessions with people is probably the hardest item on this list for me. When I’m over scheduled within an inch of my life, the LAST thing I want to do is have more social interaction. However, being super busy also leaves me feeling really alone, like I’m the only person who has a million things to do. If I can get myself to actually set up a time, I always feel better after working with someone for a couple hours. I’m productive, I get help on my homework, and I’m reminded that everyone feels like they’re drowning sometimes.

5. Work When You’re Working.

This is just a reminder to myself to fully dedicate myself to studying when I’m working and to not be on my phone scrolling through TikToks, chatting with friends, or staring off into space (I do this last one a lot). When I’m working I should be working. On the other hand, when it’s time to go to a concert or take a nap or hang out with friends, it’s time to put my email and calendar away and be fully present.

Hopefully these habits help get me through the next three to four weeks. Wish me luck! 

Sabrina is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University majoring in Applied Mathematical Sciences with an emphasis in economics. She is an avid reader and painter, and is passionate about helping the underprivileged. When she's not in class, she enjoys drinking coffee, buying plants, and cultivating her Spotify playlists.