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I’m 20 and I still live with my parents. And I’m happy I do.

For most, college signifies a new chapter in life. Moving away, independence, and freedom. But I grew up in a college town; Bryan, Texas, next door to College Station and Texas A&M University. For me, being an Aggie was my entire childhood. I remember going to TAMU basketball, volleyball, football, and baseball games as a kid. In fact, I still have a baseball that I caught on my 11th birthday at a baseball game. Although College Station and Bryan both have its flaws, these two towns are my home. Texas A&M University is home. Staying in the area was always my plan. But why do I choose to still live with my parents?

The most obvious reason is money. Living on your own is expensive. Between groceries, utilities, rent and gas, it adds up really quickly. Not having to pay to live on my own allows me to save money for when I graduate and move out as well as spend my money on personal expenses. Not only this, but I do not have to worry about finding a summer/winter jobs during the break. Because I do not have to travel home, I can be available to work during breaks. I am very grateful to have grown up in a college town and had the choice to stay and save money.

Another added bonus is that I did not have to move! Staying in my home town has allowed me to not have to get used to another town. I already know the best local coffee shops, quickest backroads, and the best/worst times to drive with the least amount of traffic. I do not have to worry about whether I forgot something at home that I need at my college apartment. Its nice getting to go home to my childhood room every night.

Saving money and not having to move is great, it really is. However, the most important reason why I stay home is my family – including the members that are furry (my dogs of course). Getting to come home every night to see my parents, younger brother, and my two dogs, Rosie and Willow, is truly a blessing. I get to watch my brother grow up and experience his final years of high school. I also have the ability to lean on my parents when I need help, especially when it comes to ‘adulting’ (insurance, banking, etc). I am so thankful that I do not spend nights homesick or have to find time to drive for holidays.

For me, the easiest and best choice was living at home during college. I’m almost 21 years old and I gladly choose to live at home.

Audrey Hendrick is the President of the Her Campus at TAMU chapter. She oversees the chapter as a whole and corresponds to HCM. By working with the Editor-In-Chief and the executive team, Her Campus at TAMU is an Elite chapter and is on track to stay that way. She embraces the opportunity to develop her leadership and time management skills. Audrey cherises the new and lifelong friendships Her Campus at TAMU has brought her. Beyond Her Campus at TAMU, Audrey is a Junior English major at Texas A&M University, with the plan to get a Masters in Library Sciences. Audrey hopes to become a librarian at a public library. She currently works for the Texas A&M Library System, in the Shelving Department. Audrey enjoys writing and has had her work published on Her Campus as well as iin the April 2022 issues of The English Aggie. In her free time, Audrey enjoys reading and is currently a part of a book club. She also loves to run and is currently training for the Austin Marathon in February. Audrey also enjoys hiking along the trails of Texas State Parks and documents her experiences at the State Parks in a Traveler’s Notebook.