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Iconic 2020 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching, and although 2020 has been one of the weirdest years, it is expected that people will still be dressing up for it this October. With all the different iconic events that have happened this year, these are some costumes that are sure to be trending this Halloween.

Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin

Tiger King was one of the most defining things of this quarantine. Everybody, including moms, watched it, and it soon became one of the most discussed shows on Netflix. You are sure to see someone with a blonde mullet, clip earrings, and a mustache, or perhaps a girl decked out in long flowy pants and an oversized hippie shirt this Halloween.


Many have seen the TikTok trend where people recreate their favorite Euphoria-themed makeup. Even I have participated in this. Starring Zendaya, Euphoria was one of HBO’s most popular shows this year. With the iconic glitter tears and the cool two-piece outfits the main characters wear, Euphoria-inspired costumes are sure to be a hit among many girls this year. Let’s be real, I have been dying to dress up as Maddy just to say that one iconic quote.

 Cardi B or Kylie Jenner in the WAP music video

When WAP first came out, it basically broke the internet. The music video features Kylie Jenner in a tight cheetah-print bodysuit with tall cheetah-print boots. This is sure to be a trend among girls across different college campuses because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to be Kylie Jenner for a night?

Cheerleaders from Cheer

Yet another Netflix show, Cheer follows a group of cheerleaders from Navarro College here in Texas. All you need for this costume is a red-and-black cheerleader costume and maybe a trophy. This costume idea was so popular that even Harry Styles said he was going to dress up as one of the guys from the team.

Harley Quinn

Every year, Harley Quinn is a super popular costume amongst the ladies. This year, however, because the movie Birds of Prey recently came out, it is likely that you will see more of this DC comic roaming around. To dress up as this character, all you need is a pair of cut-off shorts, a pink sports bra, and a plastic jacket. Of course, you cannot forget to carry a baseball bat and wear your hair in pigtails. You can even add some messy red lipstick to really spice up your look.

Although Halloween is expected to look a little different this year, there is no reason to not celebrate, even if it is just you and a couple of girlfriends. These are some costume ideas that defined the year and are sure to be a hit all over the United States this Halloween season.

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