I Took A Break From Social Media

Everywhere you look, people are constantly on social media. Whether it be at the movie theater, the park, restaurants, even in church– people keep their eyes glued to their phone screens. TV show writers know we use them so often that their relatable characters are talking about posting on their social media accounts to give the show a sense of realism. People even make social media accounts for their pets!

I am the type of girl who checks a ton of apps first thing in the morning, constantly looking to see what my friends are up to. I spend my time taking Buzzfeed quizzes, googling, playing Pokemon Go, until my head and my eyes start to hurt.

People may tend to keep up facades of happy and perfect lives by omitting anything sad or disappointing from their social media, but knowing this didn't alleviate the feeling of insecurity I had in comparing their accounts to what was happening in my own life. It wasn’t until Kendall Jenner and her BFF Gigi Hadid decided to take a break off Instagram that I got inspired. I decided to try it– not answering my phone (unless it was my parents) and staying off social media.

Resisting the urge to check my phone was more of a struggle than I had anticipated. I would reach for my phone without thinking when I heard a notification alert. I found there were several benefits to looking away from the phone screen during day. In the mornings I had more time to sleep, or if I was awake, contemplate my dreams and get ready for my day earlier so I wasn't rushing out the door.

As the third and fourth day rolled around, the need to reach for my phone was almost nonexistent. I would leave my phone in another room and not even think twice—that’s a big thing for me. I didn’t feel the pressure of my life not being “up to par” with others, and all of that weight lifted right off my shoulders. By then, the need to check other people’s Snapchat stories wasn't as necessary, which helped with me feeling of not living life to the fullest like everyone else. Now I give myself little breaks from my phone every now and then, and I feel like I am more present in my life and everything that’s going on around me. I know a week may not seem like it could’ve made that big of a difference, but I feel giving yourself space from social media can help you to reset your priorities and your perspective.