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I Say Good-Bye to Texas A&M

Graduation is almost here in Aggieland. Every semester, I’ve heard the same things from graduating seniors. They talk about their “first times” and their “last times.” Up until now, I hadn’t really thought about what my “last times” would be like because graduation was so far away.

Only, it isn’t anymore. I graduate in May, and while I’m super excited to achieve such a great accomplishment, I can’t help but feel a little bummed that I rushed through it all. 

In trying to run across campus to get to a class I was late for or to get in line early at Chick-fil-a before the lunch rush, I definitely didn’t make time to appreciate campus enough.

So, now… I’m here to share what I’ll miss most about Aggieland when I graduate. 


The Academic Building

In all seasons, the Academic Building is one to appreciate. It’s an architectural beauty, and the history inside of it should be heard about more often. Not just during your first campus tour as a little freshman.


The Flag Room (Memorial Student Center)

If you’ve never heard any skilled pianists playing a tune in the Flag Room, you haven’t felt happiness. No matter the mountain of thoughts or stress weighing on my mind, if I heard a tune coming from that room, I stopped to listen and appreciate the Aggie who confidently decided to sit down at the piano and play a tune for us all to appreciate.


The Aggie Spirit Bus

The Aggie Spirit deserves a mention. We’ve all used it. There’s been good drivers and bad drivers. The bad make this the most memorable. Sorry about falling on top of you during that rough stop, random dude. Sorry.


Campus Construction

Campus construction deserves an honorable mention. While it isn’t a permanent part of campus, it started to feel like it during my three years here at Aggieland. Dodging construction and having to reroute my walking path every week has been annoying, but the new campus features will be worth it for Aggies in the years to follow, especially the new Student Services building (BYE, White Creek. Definitely won’t miss you).


Campus at Night

I’ve been on campus enough nights after binge sessions of studying. You think it’d be creepy walking alone at night so late, but it was actually relaxing. I never pulled out my phone once. I just enjoyed the breeze, the trees, and the sounds.


The Corps

I’ve never been a Boot Chaser, mostly because I never personally knew any Corps members. I do want to say, however, that I love the Corps of Cadets regardless. I love their crisp uniforms and respectful behavior. Also, in a weird way, I just like the way the satisfying sound their boots make on the pebbled walkways. Weird, I know.


Kyle Field

The largest stadium in Texas as of current. I heard that other school in Texas is thinking of expanding their own to take that title… Still, our stadium and our fans cannot be beat. The games I attended at Kyle Field will always be important memories for me. I’ll miss being a student in the best student section in the nation. This’ll probably be the hardest good-bye for me.


The Sully Statue

I once left a whole dollar bill on the Sully Statue. That was before the Tennessee v.s. A&M football game in 2018. We won in OT. That's all I have to say about that.


The Century Tree

I’ve never walked under the Century Tree, and I won’t before graduation comes. But… I won’t say good-bye to this Aggieland feature just yet. I’ll be back for this one.


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