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Exam season is around the corner, and here are some things to do before it hits.

The Best Way to Get Through Exams is Preparing Early

Don’t study at the last minute! Studying earlier will pay off. One study habit that I practice is studying for one hour each day at least 10 days before the exam. I’ve found this to be more effective than cramming 8 hours of studying in one day. By starting early, you are allowed to space out your work and study more efficiently.

Practice Your Studying With Any Material That Helps

Study in ways that you know help you remember the material. There are endless ways for you to practice exam material. Use the study guides that are given to you! Use old study material and exams to practice before the real exam. If professors provide extra links that they suggest you check out, use them. Any additional resources can go a long way. Doing more homework assignments is a great way to get used to the format and style of the exam questions.

don’t forget to take care of yourself

Don’t turn your back on taking care of yourself and your body days leading up to the exam. Make sure to stay hydrated. I know exam season can be a stressful time for anyone, but dismissing sleep is not good for your health. Sleep at least 7 hours or more during this time. Don’t skip out on meals; eat a balanced diet. Don’t hibernate in your room all day; go outside, move your body, and get fresh air. Lastly, taking breaks from studying is okay; in fact, it’s healthier to silence your brain from studying.

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Have a game plan for exam day

Before exam day, pack all the essentials you need for the exam. This will prevent any extra stress you don’t need. Get there early! If you’re like me, I like to be at least 20 minutes early on the day of the exam. For anyone with a class of over 100 students, you know that not everyone goes to lecture every day, so make sure to save your favorite seat by getting there before someone takes it. Eat before the exam so that you’re not thinking more about food than the actual exam.

Go into the exam with a positive attitude

If you go into the exam knowing you’re about to bomb it (in a bad way), then that’s not the right mindset to have. Tell yourself you’ll do great and remind yourself that you did as much studying as you could (hopefully feeling confident in the material, too). Actively forcing your brain to be confident and positive before an exam can influence your results. When you are confident and believe in yourself, you tend to do better.

We’re are in this together. You got this.

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