How to Survive Exam Week

This is not a study guide. This is a survival guide.

Here are a few tips from a professional student:



Let’s be real y’all, none of our exams come as a surprise to us. I have never come to class to hear a prof. say “Time for a surprise exam! Muahaha!!” I knew I had that Spanish Exam on Monday, but I chose to utilize Sunday as a rest day; more specifically a hangover recovery day (but don’t tell my parents).



When the exam is upon you, and you begin to realize how utterly unprepared you are, take 30 minutes to just chill-ax. Sit in a bath, do some yoga, give your grandma a call! Whatever you want,  just chill. Just make sure you do this  ***Without alcohol***.  One drink will turn into five and before you know it you’re in an Uber bound for the Dixie Chicken on a Tuesday night, and that is counter productive to what you need to be doing, am I right? 


Don’t forget to eat

Eat something other than Whataburger and Chick-Fil-A, y’all. Throw some veggies in your diet. If you're feeling extra, eat an egg white. Real food will keep your body going when you need it most (as opposed to putting it in cardiac arrest).



To some this is logical, to others (like my freshman self), this is more complicated. Everyone wants a full day to study for the exam (which is tomorrow), but skipping a class will only lead to more stress. Hear me out: it starts with skipping class for one exam, then next week roles around and you realize you weren’t in class to get the group project assignment, you get put into a group with all the other students who never attend lecture, you fail the group project, fail the class, and fail life. Simple.



The fifth, and most crucial, step to surviving exam week is to avoid pulling an all nighter. Sleep is so important to sanity, and college students are already lacking in that category. I have stayed up all night in preparation reviewing lectures and notes, told myself I was going to take a “nap” and SLEPT THROUGH A FINAL. 


I’d like to think that I made it through exam week unscathed, but my GPA at the end of the semester will be reflect the battle.  Let’s just hope y’all can learn from my mistakes.