How My Bank Account Has Me Feeling

Throughout the semester, my feelings towards my bank account changes. There’s the beginning happiness where there’s so much hope that I’ll save all my paychecks. Then, there are the times that I have $0.98 cents in my account and live off of ramen noodles until the next payday. These are my current mid-semester feelings towards my bank account:


Mid-semester views of my checking account are not always the best. There’s been better years, but half-way through, I always feel like I should have more than I actually do. Then, the bills start popping up in your head, and it’s all a sad time from there. 


I Have to Start Saving

Once the bills start racking up in my head and the numbers due don’t match the numbers in my account is when panic mode begins. This is the time where I tell myself that the next paychecks I get are not going to stay in my checking account, but go straight to my savings account. 


I Need to Work So Much More

After seeing how much is really in the bank is whenever I realize it is CRUNCH TIME. The calculations of how many hours I need to work to get x amount of money begins being furiously typed into my phone calculator. 


Must. Stop. Eating. Out.

STOP EATING OUT. All of that money going towards one meal can make so many meals from the grocery store, and the rest can go towards bills. This is one of the biggest things I struggle with because when ya want French fries, it’s so easy to swing by Chick-Fil-A and get some. 


If You Don’t Check It, Is It Really That Low?

Out of sight, out of mind, am I right? If you don’t check it all the time, you won’t be stressed out all of the time about it. And if you’re not thinking about it, then that’s lots of treat yo-self moments (that may or not be good).

In the end, things always somehow end up panning out. Being an adult is rough sometimes, but always remember to save your money. Still, no one ever went wrong with a few treat yo-self days.