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How to Make the Most Out of Self Isolation

I was hoping for a break from school, however, I definitely was not expecting this much of a break from classes. Self isolation is one of the most important methods of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Self isolation will bring about great change for many citizens, not only across the country, but the world. While quarantine can seem monotonous I see it as a time of rest and rebirth for the human population. Here are some constructive ways to spend quarantine. Without routine throughout the next few months, many of us will begin to go through slumps of inproductivity. Creating a productive daily routine will help us from falling off of the wagon. Within the routine we should have designated times for; waking up, spending time outside, eating meals, hobbies, exercise, and self reflection. Here is an example of the routine I will be using for the coming weeks. 

7:00 A.M: Wake Up

  • Waking up early will help keep us on a proper sleeping schedule. You don’t have to wake up at 7am you could pick 9am, even 10 am. Going to bed and waking up at around the same time every night keeps our circadian rhythm on track allowing for a more harmonious life. 

8:00 A.M: Exercise

  • I prefer to exercise before eating, and right after I wake up. My method is not even thinking too much about it. I just wake up and go. I would advise sticking to some home workouts. Planet Fitness is offering free at home workout classes, even for non-members. I would check it out!

9:00 A.M: Breakfast

  • Self explanatory! Eat a balanced and nutritious breakfast everyday for proper cognitive function.

10:00 A.M: Self Reflection / Spiritual Time

  • Spend this time analysing how you want your life to be going forward after COVID-19 fades away. Are you on track to live the life you want to live? If you are religious, use this time for studying your gospel. Look into the law of attraction. Begin meditating. Balance yourself so when life hits the play button again, we are mentally prepared and ready to take on life. 

12:00 P.M: Nature Time

  • Being locked up inside of your home for weeks upon weeks can make one go crazy. Ground yourself with the earth. Go on walks and feel the grass beneath your feet. Bathe in the sun. Find a safe secluded trail and explore the outside world. Being one with the earth can make us feel at peace throughout chaotic times. Make sure to remain isolated. Going outside doesnt mean go to Target!

2:00 P.M: Lunch

  • Again, eat a balanced meal. 

3:00 P.M: School Work

  • Yes, we still have school. Sure, online classes don’t really feel real sometimes, however, they definitely are important to stay on top of. Get a new planner and schedule out specific work times for each of your classes. Learn the due dates and make sure to keep on top of it all. If you are already starting to become nervous about completing assignments, get in touch with your professor and explain how you are feeling. Seek our guidance from online counselling provided by your school. You aren’t alone through this. 

7:00 P.M: Dinner

  • Final balanced meal of the day

8:00 P.M: Hobbies / Entertainment

  • Tik-tok time! Just kidding (not really) But seriously, this is the time to find something new that you love. Have you always wanted to learn how to do make-up? Now is the time. Does knitting interest you? Go for it! There are endless opportunities to create new hobbies during self isolation hours. Start that Youtube channel! You officially have all the time in the world to make your dreams a reality. 

10:00 P.M: Bedtime 

  • Wind down and fall asleep. 

Taking the next few weeks, or months, to focus on ourselves will slowly help to heal the planet and its inhabitants. Within just a few days after quarantine, Venice Italy saw their canals turn clear and fish began to return. While we are on pause, and the earth is healing itself, we should be healing ourselves too! Stay healthy, and stay HOME! 

Hey I'm Sadie. You probably know more dogs with my name than people. I'm obsessed with Dutch Bros, Social Media, Videography, and sleeping. You can find me in the self help section of Barnes & Noble on Tuesdays from 5-7 P.M. Thanks and Gig-em! *thumbs up*
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