How Eyelashes can Change Your Life

Recently, there has been a big trend going around…lashes! There are so many different kinds of eyelashes that you can get, eyelash extensions, strip lashes, magnetic lashes, and individual lashes. This is an important topic because, what better thing is there than eyelashes? They can really make or break you, so I am here to tell you how they can change your life plus the pro’s and con’s about each type. 


Lash Extensions

100%, these will change your life. Depending on where you go to get your lashes put on they can range anywhere from $50-$150. Of course you will have to get refills every two to three weeks but in the mornings when you wake up,  feeling like not putting on any make-up - you don’t have to. All you have to do is say “I woke up like this” and you are set! 

     Pro: Not high maintenance, don’t have to wake up early to do your make-up. 

     Con: Can be expensive and hard to keep up with. 


Strip Lashes 

Every time I go into Target, Ulta, or Sephora, I always have to look at their strip lashes. My favorite thing about these is that they can be found just about anywhere and anytime. With strip lashes you have the luxury of being able to choose when you want to put them on and take them off, which means you can rub your eyes at night after you take them off (bonus)! Another bonus with strip lashes is that you get to choose how natural or glam you want to go with your look that day or even with that outfit, and you get about 15-20 uses out of each set. After a few wears of the strip lash all you have to do is get a spoolie brush, give them some love by fluffing them out and they will look brand new! 

      Pro: Easily accessible, not time consuming during make-up routine. 

      Con: Can sometimes be difficult to apply, or fall off. 


Magnetic Lashes 

This new technique of applying strip lashes that is supposed to be easier, especially for those who have trouble applying strip lashes. The only thing holding the lashes together is two tiny magnets on the ends of the lashes. Personally, these lashes are not for me, simply because I would rather rely on glue to keep my lash on no matter what I'm doing, or what weather I’m in instead of tiny magnets. However, if you are not good at applying strip lashes, magnetic lashes could be the solution for you! 

     Pro: Easy to use, easily accessible. 

     Con: For some can feel heavy, can be ripped off easily. 


Individual Lashes

This style of lashes to me is for someone who has a little more expertise in putting on strip lashes, while also has a little bit more time on their hands. These individual lashes are exactly what they sound like...and they have to be glued on each little cluster at a time. This type of technique reminds me of getting lash extensions, except you are doing it to yourself for a cheaper price. 

     Pro: Have the ability to create the style/ look you want. 

     Con: Can be time consuming and tedious.