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How Century Square is Going to Make College Station Even Better

I’m going to need to hit the treadmill after reading about all of these new restaurants.

Century Square, dubbed “Brazos Valley’s Premiere Community Destination,” is finally becoming a reality as some major progress has been made on the shopping center that can be found right off University Avenue. Once completed, the upscale community will provide College Station with a variety of fresh new eateries, shops, housing, and more.

From candy to crêpes and everything in-between, there are many restaurants coming to Century Square, making it the sure place to have something for everyone. Below, I’ve ranked what I’m most excited for, although an entire directory and more information can be found here.

1. Blaze Pizza

What could be better than creating a master-piece at Subway? If it were pizza instead. That’s the idea here, as you make your way through the line crafting a pizza customized just for you. You don’t need me to tell you that you can’t go wrong with pizza, but if you need help deciding where to get one from, this is the place.

 2. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Many college student’s wishes came true when Hopdoddy opened its doors to College Station. This untypical burger joint uses the freshest ingredients available to deliver all-natural craft burgers. Just make sure you bring a wheelchair to roll yourself out of the restaurant, as walking becomes a little difficult when you’re a burger, a shake, and a massive order of truffle fries deep.

 3. Zoe’s Kitchen 

I’m not one for healthy eating, but I will make an exception here. Zoe’s Kitchen offers fresh, Mediterranean dishes for the healthy foodie that loves to post pictures of their food on Snapchat and Instagram. They also boast about their vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options, but if you’re one of “those” you could just go into your backyard, eat some grass, and call it a day.

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