How to Apply “The Secret” in Your Life!

So, what is this “secret”? “The Secret” is a well-known book by Rhonda Byrne that speaks about the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction:

“A philosophy that states that positive and negative thoughts radiate what you get in life. If you think negatively about something, you’ll get the negative experience, but if you think positively about something, you’ll get the positive experience.”

Since I was young, my mom has always told me that if I truly wanted something, I had to bring it into my life! It’s all about your overall energy. As cliché as this sounds…the world really IS your oyster. If you passionately attract something with all that’s inside you, it’ll be attracted to you!

Our minds are so powerful; we can accomplish anything we want!


The 3 rules of the Law of Attraction:

1) Ask:

Ask for something you want and visualize it in your life. You have to truly want it and be passionate about it because it’s so easy to wish for something we think we want.

2) Believe:

Although you might not know how you can get it, you have to REALLY believe it will be yours. Don’t become doubtful! Doubt is your worse enemy, stay focused!

3) Feel it:

Channel the future feeling that you will feel once you achieve what you want. If you want it so bad, you have it feel it with everything you have inside you!


How to apply the 3 rules in your life:

  • First things first my friend, BE PATIENT!

  • If you really want something, take action and shift your thinking.

  • Your expectations will become your reality. The law of attraction is obedient to your thoughts.


  • Appreciate what you have and be grateful for the blessings of your life.

  • The “what” is better than the “how”, not everyone knows HOW he or she will accomplish something and that’s okay, as long as you focus on the end result!

  • Believe it or not, the mind is so powerful in terms of your health:

  • Happier thoughts lead to a happier internal biochemistry and vise versa.

  • Don’t focus on your symptoms!

  • Put yourself in a state of joy so you’ll shift your mind to a more positive one.

  • Lastly, radiate your inner happiness and know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you truly want it!