How About a Little Thanks & Giving

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays that have come upon us in the last few decades, we almost lose the true holiday spirit. These days when Thanksgiving comes along, people often think about the large amounts of food they will consume and the early morning lines outside of Target they will face in order to fulfill Christmas lists. However, I think it’s important that we begin to reawaken that true holiday spirit of family, love, thanks and giving.

That being said, how about this Thanksgiving we bring back the thanks and then give a little back as well. Let’s try and make a few of these happen, cause like in the midst of struggling to keep up with eCampus and our bank accounts, we still have lots to be thankful for and then some.

1.       Help out mom and grandma in the kitchen.

Or help clean if you aren’t quite Paula Dean material.

2.       Propose to the fam bam that ya’ll go around the table before chowing down to individually express what one another is thankful for.

3.       This is a tough one for all you shoppers, but how about skipping the Black Friday madness. Stay in with the family and just live in the “now”. Cherish their company, play some games and just let Christmas become a worry after Thanksgiving is said and done.

4.       Volunteer with the family at your local kitchen to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate. This may seem like a bit much, but there’s truly no better feeling than giving back and doing good all while spending time with your family and grateful people. You gain so much from little things like this.

5.       Write some thank you cards. Maybe for nothing specific, but hey, it’s Thanksgiving, so what better way to express thanks and gratitude. Get some thank you cards and write a few for the people in your life you are most thankful for. Tell them why they mean so much to you. It’s sure to make them smile and put a smile on your face in return.

Enjoy the holidays my little Aggies!

Thanks & (giving) Gig’em!