Haunted Locations in Bryan-College Station

In honor of #spookyszn hitting its true peak today, it’s only right to share some of the most haunted places around Bryan-College Station. Some of the following locations have actual historical context behind the hauntings and some are just legends that have been passed around the area for years. While doing my research on these places, I stopped in some of them and definitely got my fair share of the heebity jeebies. 

  1. 1. AI Engineering Building- College Station, TX

    It took some digging, but I found out that this story really happened and everything you’re about to read is true. 

    In 1965, meat locker worker, Roy Simms was getting meat ready in the building’s basement, which was an animal laboratory at the time. Simms wasn’t wearing a butcher’s apron like he was supposed to and while cutting some meat with a knife, he accidentally sliced his femoral artery in his leg. Simms tried to send his assistant to get help, but it was too late. His final act of desperation was his attempt to get to the elevator and get to the main floor, but he died before he could reach the doors. 

    Today, the room Simms died in was converted into a men’s restroom and the meat lab was moved to West Campus, so not many people know of the AI Building’s past. 

    There have been reports of the elevator going down to the basement and then up again, but nobody is inside when the doors open. There have been reports of screaming coming from the basement, and a ghost hunter that investigated the building even got some evidence of Simm’s spirit still lurking in the room he met his demise in. 

  2. 2. The LaSalle Hotel- Bryan, TX

    Although the hotel doesn’t advertise their ‘extra guests’ on their website, some spooky happenings have been going on at the LaSalle Hotel for a long time. 

    In 1928, the LaSalle Hotel was built and was the tallest building in Downtown Bryan. It was a busy place because of its location to the train tracks and powerful town socialites were known to frequent the hotel’s coffee shop. The hotel was said to have housed Civil War soldiers for some time and even Elvis Presley was said to of stayed at the LaSalle in its heyday. From 1959 to 1975, the building was a nursing home and many of the elderly residents that passed could still be there today. In 2000, the LaSalle was turned back into the hotel that we see today, but some say that there are some guests who have never left. 

    The bar of the hotel is a hotspot for supernatural activity with lights flickering, knocking noises, and bottles of alcohol exploding for no apparent reason. Managers of the hotel have reported things moving when they turn around and doors randomly closing. Guests at the hotel have reported the feeling of tugging on their feet while they sleep and stomping from the rooms above them, when there’s nobody staying in those rooms. 

    All in all, this is scary and I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll be going to Bryan for a haunted getaway anytime soon.

  3. 3. House on Hawks Street- Bryan, TX

    The facts about this location are a bit more foggy than the rest of our haunted places. For the sake of privacy, I have left out the exact address for this property. 

    For a few years now, reports of supernatural activity at this house have been floating around the internet. Past owners of the home have reported an entity with red eyes tormenting them in their day to day lives. Residents have been pulled out of their beds, locked in rooms, and even body slammed by this mysterious spirit. Lights turn on and off, things move from their original place, and apparent apparitions have been seen in the home. The details I gathered about the incidents lead me to believe that there could be something more than a trickster spirit in that house, maybe something more evil like a demonic entity. 

  4. 4. Schulman Theater- Bryan, TX

    Since 1926, the Schulman family has had movie theaters open to the public, but the one we are focused on is in Bryan, Texas. I couldn’t find much history for this location as it no longer stands, but the stories of what happened here are truly frightening. 

    The story begins with a young theater employee closing one night when he hears a knock at the door. He opens the door and is surprised to see that it was his partner, so he let them inside without a second thought. Something took a turn that night and the two began to fight. The partner was so angry, that they left the theater only to return shortly after and kill the man. The next morning, the opening staff discovered the body. 

    After that night, the upstairs projection room and office were said to be haunted by the man who was killed. There were reports of terrible things being whispered in your ear. Today, the Schulman Theater is the CPC Building on Blinn’s Bryan campus and some people believe that there is more than just one harmless ghost in the building. Recent students have reported ankles being tugged on under tables, hearing whispers, and there has even been an account of students seeing two “hideous creatures” that looked like potential demonic entities. 

  5. 5. Aggie Twitter

    Lastly, the ~spookiest~ place in all of Aggieland… Aggie Twitter *insert scary music here*. Legend has it, you can experience personal attacks from ghosts or even witness arguments between ghouls, about things that won’t matter in a week. One particularly scary report was one that shook me to the core. A vengeful, full body apparition from Aggie Twitter went on national television to criticize a college student that sells cheesecake to earn money for her tuition. Hearing about that story truly gave me the creeps. 

    Although Aggie Twitter is frightening to most people, those who dare to enter this place have sometimes been rewarded. A venture into this haunting place could potentially get you ‘fame’ amongst Aggie Twitter, some VeoRide memes, or maybe even a tasty cheesecake. 

    Beware to those who risk it all and enter Aggie Twitter.