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Harry Styles Finally Cracks

Harry Styles has been on tour since the beginning of September, for his Love On Tour shows had to be postponed due to COVID. Besides one night in LA, where he performed his newest album, Fine Line, he had yet to sing most of the songs on the album in front of his fans. On the first night of his tour, fans were disappointed to see that the song “-To Be So Lonely-” was not a part of the setlist. Since that night, fans are determined to get him to sing it.

If you know anything about Harry Styles or One Direction fans, you know how passionate they are. When they want something, they will do anything in their power to see it through. Since that very first night on tour, there have been numerous TikTok posts, signs, and tweets, all telling Mr. Styles to perform that song. It went so far as Harry asking a girl what song she wanted to hear, her responding with To Be So Lonely, and him saying: “all alright here is Canyon Moon!”

Finally, the fans in Chicago decided they were going to make it happen. Each person attending the concert had a paper that said “To Be So Lonely” on it, and they held it up during his performance. Although he did not play it night 1 of Chicago, night 2, it seems as if he listened to the fans. Social media exploded when this happened. And it will be interesting to see if he keeps the song on the setlist or if he just wanted everyone to stop screaming it at his concerts. Regardless, the video of the performance was phenomenal, and Chicago might have had the best show yet.

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