Hardcore Hockey!

The other day, I finally met someone as obsessed with hockey as I am. To top it off, she was a Blackhawks fan. Ever since I moved from Chicago, I've been longing for someone who can keep up with me when I'm rambling on and on about hockey teams and trades. Most Texans don't really care, and when I mention it, they just smile and nod. But I've found a kindred spirit. Immediately we were ready to back each other up. We both discussed the good old days and talked about our take on the Hawks basically trading everyone on the team. We even spoke in complete unison when saying "I mean the only team I really hate is the St. Louis Blues." (Side note: the Blues suck.)

What made me especially happy was having someone who understood the magic I witnessed growing up, watching Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews play. Those two have shaped my generation of Hawks fans and continue to lead the organization as symbols of our triumph and our new team era.

Sports are always fascinating to me because of the sheer camaraderie that exists simply from being fans of the same team. Instantly, there are inside jokes, common struggles, and shared hopes between two people. I love the family that hockey creates. It is rare to find people who match my level of dedication poured into hockey. All too often I'm met with bandwagon fans, or girls who simply watch to get a glimpse of some hot athletes. All too often I'm met with sexist men who immediately assume that because I'm a girl I fall into both of those categories.

It's about time we change the stereotype that only men can be "real" hockey fans. The bond between two girls who love hockey is strong and when united we'd be unstoppable.