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Since I can remember, I have always loved the Super Bowl. My love was not just for the football, but for the mini-concert during halftime…and the snacks! Some of my favorite ones have included Rihanna, Shakira and JLo, and Katy Perry. I had high expectations for Usher this year because of how famously popular many of his songs are. 

However, I have to say, it did not completely blow me away. Of course, his singing was amazing and he’s an incredible dancer, but I think he could have played a couple of his more well-known songs. If I had my say, I would have definitely found a spot for “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)”. Maybe that’s just me, but I think those would have been super fun songs to see performed. 

On the other hand, his choice of special guests was amazing! Alicia Keys, Jermaine Dupri, H.E.R., will.i.am, Lil Jon, AND Ludacris? Iconic artist after iconic artist. I thought they all had a great opportunity to shine and I was especially impressed by the incredible electric guitar solo performed by H.E.R. I will say though, I did hear rumors that Justin Beiber could possibly make a guest appearance, and although I knew it probably wasn’t true, I was a little disappointed. That would have been so fun!

Usher’s choreography throughout the performance can only be classified as organized chaos, as he incorporated a marching band, acrobats, roller skates, and multiple outfit changes. In comparison to Rihanna’s clean, uniform choreography last year, this was the complete opposite with an overload of performers and colors. However, that made it very visually interesting and exciting to watch. I was glued to the screen for the entire thirteen minutes of the performance. 

My favorite part was “Yeah!” at the very end of the performance. The combination of the special guests, the dancing, and the band made it really memorable and a great finale to his show! 

All in all, although it was not my favorite halftime performance of all time, I think he did an awesome job.  Usher is no doubt an amazing performer!!

Claire Stevens is a first-year writer for the TAMU chapter of Her Campus. As part of the PR committee, she works with others to create merchandise designs, write press releases, and hand out brand samples. Her writing covers the freshman experience, music, podcasts, and everything in between. Aside from her time devoted to Her Campus at TAMU, Claire is a freshman Business major at Texas A&M. She has worked various jobs over the years, with her favorite being a barista for a small, family-owned coffee shop in her hometown of Allen, Texas. This experience has cultivated a passion and developed many thoughts on all things coffee and tea related! Because of this, she has many opinions on various coffee and tea beverages. Claire plans to have a business career, but her dream job is owning her own coffee/book shop! In her free time, Claire enjoys reading, going on walks with her dog, spending time with her friends, and checking out unique coffee shops with her mom. She is absolutely obsessed with Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, and Olivia Rodrigo, and, when not listening to music, can frequently be found watching Gilmore Girls or Friends.