Sunset Ocean Beach Sky Evening

A Girl Standing on a Beach

A Girl Standing on a Beach


A girl standing on a beach

Beach illuminated by the morning sun

Sunscreen and smiles filter on to the scene

Scenes of families, lovers, strangers, and friends

Friends playing in the waves

Waves lapping the girl’s ankles

Ankles splashing in the water

Water circulating the sand

Sand stinging her ankles as the tiny particles whiz past her skin with the oncoming waves

Waves cresting and colliding with outstretched, anticipating hands

Hands sheltering eyes from the midday sun

Sun rays heating the beach

Beaches dotted with umbrellas red, green, and blue

Blue engulfs all she can see

Sea breeze ruffles her hair and cools the hot summer air

Air cooling down and colors paint the sky as the sun sets

Sets of couples and friends leave with the receding colors, and stars begin to shine

Shining silver crests the waves caressing the beach

A beach filled with sand and a girl

A girl standing on a beach.