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Getting into the Spring Spirit with Disney

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

As a senior, I know that the spring semester of college is often dreaded. The weather is unpredictable, there are fewer breaks, and that new semester positivity has long run out. Usually, by mid-February, I’m burned out and want spring to hurry up and arrive. To cope with this, I usually binge-watch Disney movies that have a spring vibe (of course I do this in my limited free time). With that being said, here’s a list of my Top 5 Disney movies to watch in the spring either by yourself or with friends! 


This movie is one that I love watching, especially on a gloomy day. The amount of nature shown in this movie reminds me of spring, especially during the song “Colors of the Wind”. The beautiful purples, pinks, and blues that are highlighted remind me of the flowers that bloom during spring and bring color to the world. Though the plot of the movie is interesting, I can’t help but focus on Grandmother Willow. Grandmother Willow is a comforting character who encourages Pocahontas throughout her journey. She is a great pick-me-up especially during the mid-point of the semester when students need an extra boost to keep going. The music, background, and animation make this movie essential to watch during the cold, gloomy months leading up to spring. 

Tinker Bell 

What movie represents spring more than a movie about fairies bringing spring to the world? Tinker Bell has wonderful bright colors that spark happiness and many scenes involving flowers and bugs. The songs are fairly catchy and uplifting which is great for helping get out of the semester slump. While these points give the movie a spring glow, the main character Tinker Bell is a great representation of a college student. She begins the movie not knowing what she wants to do and goes on many adventures to find herself. She works hard to achieve her goals and in the end, she finds her destiny. I can relate on a level to Tinker Bell because I had no idea what I was doing at the start of college and had to go on my own adventure to find myself. I still have some doubts but like Tinker Bell, I know that I’ll be just fine.


How could I not include Enchanted when it involves sarcastic animals, random outbursts of singing, and a warm spring season? If you haven’t watched Enchanted it needs to be put on your watchlist. In the beginning, while it may seem like a typical prince-saving princess story, it takes a turn when the main character gets transported from fiction to real life. Though this new world is scary for Giselle, she doesn’t let it bring her down as she continues to embrace her enchanted ways. She sings whenever she cleans or goes on a walk in the park and still communicates with her animal friends. The dance numbers in this movie are upbeat and fun with flowers and beautiful sceneries in the background. There are also comedic moments in this movie that weren’t typical for Disney at the time. In the end, Giselle shows that even if things look dark you will find where you belong, which is comforting to a college student trying to find their way.  


How could you not get into the spring spirit when Rapuzenl’s hair glows and heals? It is said that spring is the time for healing and new growth and this movie definitely reflects those themes. One scene that comes to mind when I think of Tangled is the lantern scene. The beautiful golden yellows of the lantern lights make me feel like spring is right around the corner. Not to mention the beautiful songs that occur at various points throughout the movie that help keep your spirit up. I sometimes catch myself singing them whenever I’m stressed. I also love this movie because Flynn is such a relatable character. If you’re looking for a movie with beautiful animation, appealing colors, and comedy this one’s for you!


When I think of Mulan, I’m immediately reminded of cherry blossoms. Even though they’re only shown at the beginning and end of the movie, to me, they represent the start of spring. I think they symbolize Mulan’s new life and her blossoming love with Shang. What really draws me to this movie though is the soundtrack and songs that are included. They’re about finding yourself and working for what you want, and sometimes I need that extra boost midway through the semester. This movie also has great comedy which is shown through Mushu and Mulan’s grandma. Sometimes I feel like I’m navigating through the semester with my eyes closed and all I can do is hope everything turns out alright. I have also concluded that Mushu is my spirit animal so it’s nice watching a character I can relate to. 

These are just a few of the Disney movies I love to watch in the spring to get me through the semester. As college students, we sometimes need a break to laugh and de-stress. I hope these movies bring you as much joy as they do me!    

Chasey Christenson is a senior member of Her Campus at Texas A&M University. She covers the latest music trends, Korean drama recommendations, and the occasional book reviews. She hopes to raise awareness of topics that she is passionate about while being able to show her creative side. Outside of Her Campus she has worked at the VA office helping students continue their education at Texas A&M. Chasey has had a passion for writing ever since she was young and won the 2016 Great Lakes Anthology Award where she became a published author. She is currently a student at Texas A&M University majoring in psychology with dreams of becoming an Applied Behavior Analysis. In her free time, Chasey enjoys listening to music, reading books, writing short stories, watching Netflix, and going on the occasional walk with her friends. She is passionate about helping others and being a voice for those who go unnoticed or unappreciated.