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Futons Are In. Coffee Tables Are Out.

Hey sisters,

Sister Nadia is back to give you more high-quality life tips.

This week, I’m going to tell you why you absolutely need a futon mat in your living room. Not even with the frame. Just the mat.


1. Sleepovers

Ever held your friends hostage because you didn’t want to drive them back to their apartment? I sure have. The least you could do for them is give them a comfortable place to sleep. Don’t forget to give them blankets, though. I’ve forgotten to do that.


2. Trampoline

Ever just felt like bouncing around? Missed the days where your biggest worry was your sprained wrist from falling off the trampoline? Well, you can relive those days with your futon! Set her on the floor and jump away!


3. Inclusiveness

Ever had too many friends for your sad little couch? Invite all of your friends and instead of having them sit on your cold, hard floor, they can sit on your soft, warm futon mat. You’ll have the coolest living room around.


4. Napping

Ever too tired to walk three feet to your room? No worries. Throw your stuff on the floor, and throw yourself on the futon. Nap time just got easier.


5. Work out

Ever so close to closing your activity rings on your Apple Watch but don’t know what to do to close them? Put on Just Dance, and dance your little heart away on your futon mat. It makes it so much harder. Close those rings, sisters!


I hope I convinced you on why you need a futon mat! Who needs coffee tables anymore? Do those double as trampolines? Do people sleep on coffee tables? Can they promote inclusiveness? Didn’t think so.


See ya next time,


Sister Nadia

Howdy! My name is Nadia Lynn Garcia. I am the President and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Texas A&M University! I love music, concerts, travel, and graphic design, but my articles can tell you a little more about that. ;)
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