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Full Moon energy will be swirling through our lives for the next 3 days. On September 2nd at 1:23 am our ethereal moon will be as Full and as bright as possible for the next 28 days. Many people question the accuracy of astrology, however, within my own experience I've found that astrology truly affects my everyday life. While Astrology doesn’t necessarily tell us who we are point blank period, it can show us certain tendencies we hold. Take the information shared with a grain of salt, however, if you’re open to the concept of astrology listen up. 


For those new to astrology, Full moons are a time where the sun and moon are in opposition of each other.  This is known to be a time of release. While the moon is bright and illuminated this time can also help to illuminate stressful situations that are holding you back from being your best. In some cases it can even highlight beautiful epiphanies. This full moon will be in the watery sign of Pisces. Pisces, and other water signs such as Scorpios and Cancers, are known to be incredibly intuitive, emotional, and at times self destructive. Pisces in particular are susceptible to addiction issues. Addiction doesn't always relate back to drug and alcohol use. Social media addiction, food addiction, procrastination, and addiction to toxic people are very common and often swept under the rug. Pisces also rules the 12th House. Houses pin-point certain areas of life that astrology can affect. The 12th house focuses on getting things done and on our habits. Have you been binging recently? Have you picked up a bad habit during quarantine szn? The full moon is highlighting these intense situations and that’s where our analytical problem solving friend Virgo comes into place! The sun is currently in the sign of Virgo. I encourage you to dig deep and find something you would like to improve on within your daily routine. Virgo is organized and it is now the time to focus on what can improve our daily life. This full moon is a glorious opportunity to check ourselves. You can use this energy to your advantage or waste it. This full moon will be very intense for many people. The overall theme is to walk away from what isn’t serving you. Meditation could be helpful for the next few days as well. I encourage you to connect deeply with yourself this week. How can we be of service to those we love if our tank is running on empty. 

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