Finals week: as told by Friends

Finals week: a time where blood, sweat and tears become a reality. Whether it’s your first semester in college or your last, hell week is upon us. So what better way to procrastinate than relating your finals week misery to Friends?

Let's begin.

Stage 1: At this point you’re feeling real confident in yourself. You’ve studied for hours, you’ve got your skinny green scantron, your lucky pencil and you’ve had plenty of sleep followed with a good breakfast. You pull up to campus screaming, “BRING IT ON!”

Stage 2: Exhaustion from your first exams is setting in, but you’re playing it cool. At this point in the week, binging 13 Reasons Why still seems more important than studying.

Then… stage 3 sets in. You realize you should’ve studied for the 8 hours you were watching 13 Reasons Why. You are completely convinced you have one of two options… drop out of college, or fail the exam. 

Stage 4: At this point in the week, you’re able to make sense of stressing about the thought of stressing over your stress, and the only thing keeping you going is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stage 5: my personal favorite. You have just walked out of your last final. It is officially summertime. You’re going home.  The world is at peace again! You put the entire semester behind you and look forward to nothing but swim suits and sunny days… until the fall :)

May you be confident like Rachel, smooth like Joey, free spirited like Phoebe, focused like Ross, intelligent like Monica and easygoing like Chandler. Finals week is finally here. Remember, your GPA doesn’t define you, and there’s always ice cream and Netflix if you need it :)