Feel Safer with These Self-Defense Products

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted during their time at college. It's a statistic we know all too well and that is honestly quite scary. While we can’t change the culture of college campuses by tomorrow, there are products designed to help women feel safer in the face of danger.


Booby Trap Sports Bras

Via KFOR News

When I run, I have to put my music on the highest volume so that I don’t hear myself suffering. However, this inevitable yields in being unable to hear everyone around me, and I find myself continually looking over my shoulder. The Booby Trap Sports Bra helps to put those fears to rest. The sports bra features a small pocket in the front that holds either a small knife or pepper spray. With this sports bra, you now have a self-defense tool to keep you safe while you are out burning calories. They offer different colors of sports bras as well as other self-defense tools and athlesiure clothes.

Safety Apps

Via Elle Magazine

There are apps out there that make walking outside alone, especially at night, not nearly as scary. For example, SafeTrek is an app that promises you never have to walk alone. Their website states these instructions that are easy to follow: Simply open the app and hold down the button. If you get to where you are going safely, release the button and enter your 4 digit pin. If you are in danger, release the button and don’t enter your pin to alert the local police of your location and problem. Another similar app is bSafe. App features include alerting your bSafe friends that you’re in trouble, letting you bSafe friends know you arrived safely, faking a phone call to get out of a situation and allowing your bSafe friends to walk you home digitally. There are also many other personal safety apps for every situation and lifestyle.


Spray and Smile

Via Fend Yourself

Mace is always a good safety tool, but Defender 24/7™ takes it to a whole new level. Their website states that when sprayed, the mace takes a picture of the perpetrator and sets off its loud alarm. That photo is sent to local law enforcement who are also alerted of your location. Not only will you have defeated the perpetrator, but you will have the attention needed to stop the situation from escalating and you will have the picture needed for later identification. The Defender 24/7™ is one of the most expensive items on our list, but with all the features involved, it’s an awesome investment. 


The Perfect Lipstick  

Via Sabre

We’ve talked about Mace and other self-defense tools already, but sometimes you need something a little more inconspicuous. Thankfully, there is a product for that. A lipstick tube is in no way intimidating, but uncap Sabre Red Lipstick Pepper Spray and the perpetrator is faced with a clear warning sign—and possibly a burning face. Want to know what else could possibly stun the perpetrator? Uncapping a tube of Pink Lipstick Stun Gun from Women on Guard, which comes with a flashlight and rechargable battery. In all seriousness, these products are perfect for anyone wanting protection, while remaining obscure.


Protective Jewelry

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For more discreet protection, opt for rings, bracelets and necklaces that provide protection. Siren is a ring that, when twisted, sets off a loud and piercing alarm to deter the attacker. Stiletto is a bracelet charm that can alert your friends and family, alert 911, speak to 911 for you, record the audio of the attack and more. There are many options of rings, bracelets and necklaces available, so you are sure to find one that works for your fashion style, lifestyle and college budget.

Whether you use the products or not, sexual assault is never, under any circumstances, the survivor’s fault. There is no guarantee that these products will deter the attacker. Their purpose is simply to provide a feeling of safety and partial protection. These products will never eradicate the problem of sexual assault on campus, but hopefully those who use them will feel safer when going on a run, going out for the night, or walking through a parking garage.