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Easter Basket Ideas

Everyone deserve to have fun and celebrate this blessed holiday, but what will you fill each family member’s basket with? Here are 4 different ideas:

1. The Mom Basket

Photo Source: M Magazine

You’re obviously not gonna make your mom hunt for easter eggs. I mean, you could… but considering how competitive my mom is, it’d be weird watching her push kids around to get to the egg first. So I had to think up some alternatives. What better way to show your mama some love, then with the ultimate spa basket? You could include the lastest spring collection of Essie nail polishes, polish remover, a complete manicure set, some cotton balls, lotion, shaving cream, bath bombs, a small candle, and a chocolate bunny.


2. The Dad Basket

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Although he claims we forget about him every year, we can not exclude Pops. His Easter basket has to be filled with all the things that make him, well… him. That includes beef jerky, sandals (aka chanclas), possibly even some sports magazines, and of course, easter candy. 


3. The College Student Basket

Picture Source: Home Cooking Memories

I’m looking out for ya, fam. While doing my research on this, I found a lot of interesting goodies to place in our baskets. Things like Tide Pods, granola bars, toothpaste, miniature shaving creams and dawn soap, gummy bears, and root beer bottles. But really, just tell the ‘rents to fill those Easter eggs up with $20s and we’ll call it a night. 


4. The Kiddie Basket

Photo Source: Faithful Provisions

As per usual, the kids end up taking up this entire holiday. The family gatherings, the barbecue, the formal wear, all point toward that exciting easter egg hunt. Make it memorable by filling their baskets with carrot-shaped bags of cheetos, cookies, Play-Doh, Peeps on a stick, Sock Bunnies, and trail mix labeled “Bunny Bait.

Ruby Majano is an Agricultural Communiations and Journalism major at Texas A&M University. She loves music, poetry and story telling. Ruby aspires to be a print journalist and dreams of one day writing for the New York Times.
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