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The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

*This poem has been inspired by recent events and the current rumors that are circulating on Texas A&M’s campus. Viewers, please be aware that the following poem has references to sexual assault cases.*

Please, if you need help or have information, reach out to these numbers:

Emergency: 9-11

Bryan Police Department: 979-361-3888

Corps Cadets Escort Service: 979-845-6789

National Sexual Assault Helpline: 1-800-656-4673

TAMU Step in and Stand Up Resource Link: https://stepinstandup.tamu.edu/support-resources.html 

For a factual and more informative account of the current situation, check out Logan James’ article Texas A&M University Responds to String of Assaults Near Campus.


*Again, this poem is largely based on rumors that are circulating in GroupChats, on social media, and in classes about the recent sexual assault cases that happened in the Bryan-College Station Area.*

Did I Remember to Deadbolt the Door?

It is November 11, 2022.  


Rumors are circulating about the terrors night holds.

With the growing shadows twilight brings, 

New monsters gather under the wing of darkness.

So we pop our headphones out and keep our eyes peeled. 

Any corner could have someone waiting.


But even in our homes, we are not safe.

A monster stalks young women,

A ski mask and black clothing concealing his identity, 

As he climbs through doggie doors and enters through back doors,

The police urging us, the public, to take precautions with “the suspect being at large”

Lock your doors and hold a gun, they offer.

What gun? I’m 19. Legally unable to open carry.

So instead, I settle for flashlights and pepper spray

While houses and cars are marked:

Zip ties on trash cans and rags wrapped around exhaust pipes.


These haunting figures watch our next move, 

Lying in wait, under our cars and in our neighborhoods, for an opportunity. 

Or even approaching a few of us, lies and schemes pour from their lips.

Just last week, a girl knocked on a door claiming a game of hide-and-seek went wrong, 

“I’ve lost my brother. Can I borrow your phone?”


So we settle for escorts, both on and off campus.

And we pray to be safe, that the bad people will go away.

While the rumors swell and swell to epic proportions.

Not knowing how much of this horrific information is true.

Where is our Code Maroon?


It is November 11, 2022.  

Gabriela is always energetic and excited about life. She approaches every situation with a positive attitude. Currently, she is studying at Texas A&M University where she has hopes of becoming an engineer. In her free time she hunts for the best lattes or huddles up with a good book for hours.