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The Damsel Under Stress: Spring Breakdown

It’s gone. Spring Break is O-V-E-R. Now what? It’s time to hit the books, throw on some yoga pants and head back to that 8 a.m. And while the impending workload you will soon bear seems excruciating and summer cannot come fast enough, remember girls, you’re still living the time of your life! Just because your week in South Padre or your relaxing stay back home is over doesn’t mean we need to be gloomy and fuss.

I know how unreasonable I sound right now, but let’s not forget that we are in the peak of our young adulthood and there will be MANY more fun weekends and unforgettable nights at Northgate to come. Yes, school comes first. Mom and Dad aren’t working like crazy for you to sit around and watch every episode of Friends in your pajamas while you’re supposed to be learning about cell structure or Shakespeare. Class is and always should be a priority, Ags! So don’t fall to the temptation of sleeping in and missing a “few” classes or drinking away the sorrows of being back in school. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Just think, in less than two months, you will be a semester closer to graduation, the famous Aggie Ring and the ring dunk! But these rewards must be earned. So slay that dragon of a test, and then go find that knight in shining plaid at Hurricane Harry’s to treat yo self! Trust me, the weekend will be worth the wait.

Erum Salam is a student at Texas A&M and an aspiring writer and producer. Her vast experience in television, radio, and print has prepared her for the rapidly converging career path she wants to pursue. She aims to write and produce content that will educate and entertain a global audience. She believes Her Campus offers young women a platform to vocalize their thoughts on contemporary issues facing us today, while also providing hilarious content in the form of listicles, blog posts, or quizzes that surely resonates with the female millennial demographic.
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