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I’ve had these phases where, every now and then, I’ll randomly remember a melody or verse from the early-to- mid-2010s, find the song on Spotify, and start listening to it on repeat- and when I say on repeat, I’m not exaggerating. To those who share my enthusiasm for a combination of R&B and pop music, here are some of my most streamed- and pretty mainstream yet still addicting- artist recommendations: 

  1. Zayn
    • Topping the list, we have almost anything by Zayn- I swear everything he’s dropped is a literal work of art- still obsessed with “Vibez.” I don’t know if it’s his subtly intoxicating voice or his seamlessly placed lyrics, but he definitely knows how to set the mood.  From his debut album Mind of Mine to his latest, Nobody is Listening, he’s made his way onto all of my Daily Mixes (Spotify users, you know what I mean).
  2. SZA
    • If you have TikTok or even Instagram, you probably already know that this woman and her work are worth the hype. I recently got back into her songs, after seeing “Kill Bill” trending for almost a month. Now that I’m thinking about it, I first heard her sing in collaboration with Kendrick Lamar in “All the Stars,” which was an obsession on its own, so it’s no surprise that I find myself searching again for her impassioned and honestly empowering music.
  3. Pink Sweat$
    • Last but not least, we’ve got this amazing artist. The start of my obsession was probably “At My Worst.” Honestly, I’d love to see him perform in concert; his voice just hits different and his music videos are just as vibey- it’s really all in the details with him.
Sarayu Malireddy is a writer for the Her Campus chapter of Texas A&M University. In addition to reviewing books, film, and other entertainment, she dedicates the majority of her pieces to detailing personal and academic experiences. She looks forward to using her writing to capture often-overlooked stories and to highlight marginalized voices within her campus network and local community. Outside of her experience with Her Campus, Sarayu serves as a leading officer of a community service organization and volunteers as a crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line. An avid wellness advocate, she recently joined Mental Health Collaborative, a nonprofit, to help with marketing and outreach in efforts to destigmatize and improve access to essential mental health care. She has also conducted research in various scientific disciplines, and after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from TAMU, Sarayu hopes to continue this passion and contribute to advancements in the field of medicine both in professional school and beyond. When she's not browsing for thrillers and 90s rom-coms on Netflix with her roommates, she's probably downing green tea or espresso shots or trying to make the perfect omelet. She adores blasting classical music during almost any solo car ride and is always ready for a quick game of table tennis... or normal tennis.