COVID-19 Daily Routine

Self-quarantine for 14 days is a long time. There’s only so much to do in an empty house by yourself. So I have written out 14 little daily routines to start off your quarantine right!


Day 1

Watch a sunrise with your pet or Zoom/Skype/Facetime with your significant other or best friend at the same time. Catch up on life together!


Day 2

Listen to a motivational podcast to start off your morning on the bright side. Some good podcasts that I like are Reply All, TED Talks Daily, The College Info Geek Podcast, and Stuff You Should Know.

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Day 3

Schedule an online meeting with your family to see how everyone is doing. Check in on your loved ones despite the distance.


Day 4

Shop online for that book series you’ve been wanting to read but never had the time to. Now is the chance to catch up on newly released books and re-read old series from your childhood.

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Day 5

Make a journal and write in it daily. This can help in coping with stress. You can even write down the dream you just woke up from.


Day 6

Clean a different part of your house each day. Start with the part that needs the least amount of cleaning and work your way up from there until you get to your bedroom.

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Day 7

Spring clean your closet. Try on clothes that you may have never worn. Be creative and put outfits together. Take photos of the outfits and do a fun fashion show to send those photos to your close friends and family. Have them vote for their favorite outfits.


Day 8

Give your pet some love and attention. Bathe your pet, take it on a walk, bake pet-friendly treats, and watch TV cuddled next to your pet. Or even teach your pet a new trick!

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Day 9

Search your house for every single coin you can find. See how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies you can find. Add up the amount, and create a piggy bank for your loose change.


Day 10

Listen to a playlist of your favorite artists to get yourself pumped and ready for the day.

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Day 11

Bake or cook something you’ve never made before. Some places that I look for inspiration is through the app Tasty or online from Pinterest.


Day 12

Get active! Do some morning yoga, abs day everyday, and body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, or even use household items to add some weight for those noodle arms we might have developed during COVID-19.

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Day 13

Learn a new skill. Teach yourself how to draw, write, bake, cook, play an instrument, knit, or sew. There are a billion and one skills you can learn.


Day 14

Sleep in and binge watch your favorite TV shows ALL DAY LONG!

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