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Step 1: find a random man in New York trying to sell tickets.

He’s going to keep dropping the price until you eventually cave in and buy the tickets. So, we stood there for 15 minutes. My mom thought that the tickets were fake and the reviews before were pretty sketchy. The reviews mentioned expensive drinks, small crowded room, and bad jokes. The public rated it 3.8/5 stars. My whole family (mom, dad, brother, and me) paid $90 for tickets + $80 drinks = $170 or more for service charges! Pretty expensive, but so is everything in New York!

This was the comedy club we went to! It was called the Broadway Comedy Club.

Step 2: show up 30 minutes early. You can show up a little later, but we showed up early to ensure seats and a place to see the acts.

Some downsides:

  1. If you are in the front, you have a high chance of being picked on for jokes
  2. If you sit in the back, it is crowded and you might not get a good view of the stage
  3. There is usually a two drink requirement, so it is not cheap to watch a comedy show 
  4. Some comedians will be funny, but some will not be funny and be awkward

Here were some of my favorite topics that they talked about:

  1. Asian stereotypes are super relatable 
  2. Mentioned a lot of jewish stereotypes 
  3. Talked about unemployment benefits 
  4. Told a story about working at chipotle (I love chipotle)
  5. Clever joke about being bullied by a mosquito
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