Christian Robertson, #40

Like many Aggies, Christian Robertson’s decision to attend A&M included not only his bringing up in Kyle Field, but also his dedication to the Aggie football team. Robertson is a junior international commerce major from Grapevine, Texas. In his future career, Robertson said he feels passionate about working to help fix the current oil and gas crisis, “whether it be by selling innovative equipment or by revamping the domestic operations to help balance it out again.” In the meantime, Robertson’s focus remains on his studies, Class Councils, and football.

Although Robertson said he did not initially come to A&M for football, he realized his freshman year how much he missed the game and decided he “had to go back to it.” In doing so, he taught himself a position somewhat foreign to him, but one he knew was more suitable for him in the college football world. After a year of hard work, Robertson joined the A&M football team as a deep snapper. Passion and drive (and of course, talent) is without a doubt what led Robertson to accomplishing his lifelong dreams.

Robertson made his Aggie football debut last semester at AT&T Stadium, where he had the privilege of starting against Arkansas, all while in his hometown surrounded by the support of friends and family. After that, he started in ten more games throughout the 2015 season, all of which he kicked ass. His love for the game, and especially for A&M football, is evident through his actions and the way in which he speaks through his stories. In a favorite memory, Robertson reminisces to a play made in the Alabama game when, while he was running down the field, a returner “bounced outside and ran right down” his lane. Uncommon for a deep snapper, Robertson tackled the approaching opponent, invoking an “audible sigh of relief” from the stadium, as it most likely “saved a touchdown” early on in the game.

The field isn’t where all the memories are made, because as we can all imagine, being on the A&M football team has some major perks. From Tuesday night hangouts, taking over the kickers’ hotel rooms, game celebrations and many funny stories, Robertson describes what sounds like a damn good time. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with the gift to tackle 300-pound men or the drive to work out for hours on end, so we can only dream of the good times. Instead, we have the privilege of watching our boys (including Robertson, #40) “whoop” some ass on the field.