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Chris McGuire is a Keeper!


Recently, I sat down with Chris McGuire and let me tell you, he is a keeper! He is literally the sweetest guy if I do say so myself. Plus, he is such a gentleman! I have a feeling he won’t be single for much too longer, so call him up while you can!

Her Campus: Where would you take a girl on the first date?

Chris McGuire: “I’d probably take a girl to do something outdoors for a date. Probably something along the lines of kayaking on lake Bryan.”

HC:  Are you single?

CM: “Yes, I’m single”

HC: What’s your major?

CM: “I am a mechanical engineering major.”

HC: Where are you from?

CM: “Cypress, TX.”

HC: Who is your all time #WCW?

CM: “My all time #WCW is Alex Morgan. ”

HC: What is something you are dying to try in Cstat?

CM: “I think it would be really cool to rent mopeds and ride in downtown Bryan!”

HC: If a magic time machine popped up out of no where, where would you go?

CM: “Hmmm… I would go back and watch every World Cup in person.”

HC: Where do you want to be in 5 years?

CM: “In 5 years I want to be working for the same chemical company as my uncle and cousin. I think it would be really cool working along side my family.”

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

CM: “Definitely intelligence and a sense of humor are things I find really attractive in a girl.”

HC: Emma Watson or Blake Lively?

CM: “Emma Watson, easily!”

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