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Celebrity of the Week: Josh Thompson!


Josh Thompson is our campus celebrity of the week because not only did he get his Bachelor’s and Master’s from Texas A&M University, he also continues to work with this wonderful university! And where better to work for this campus than with football?! Josh’s position is the recruiting assistant for TAMU Football. Check out his interview with us to get to know more about him and what he does.



HC: Where is your hometown?

JT: Fort Worth, TX

HC: When did you graduate from A&M for your undergrad and for your Master’s?

JT: I graduated from A&M in 2011 and received my Bachelor’s in Sports Management and Business. Then I graduated from A&M again in 2014 and received my Master’s in Sports Management.

HC: When did you start working for TAMU football?

JT: I started in 2011 so it is about to be 5 years.

HC: What is your job description?

JT: My job basically consists of evaluating high school and junior college athletes for recruitment for Texas A&M football. I also am assisting coaches with their daily tasks.

HC: How demanding is your job?

JT: During the football season, I work everyday from 8:30 in the morning to about 10:30 at night 7 days a week.

HC: Would you say there is anyone in football that you’ve made a strong connection with that people are familiar with?

JT: Mike Evans and Deshazor Everett who are both in the NFL now. Mike Evans plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Deshazor Everett plays for the Washington Redskins. I mean everyone who works with football is all pretty much one big family.

HC: What are some things you enjoy or do in your free time?

JT: I love to go to the movies alone because then you can focus on the movie and don’t have to worry about the girl like if she’s cold or hungry. I can just focus on me. I also like to golf by myself so I can play music, not hear anyone talk, and focus on improving my game. I like to do things alone sometimes because since I work a lot and I’m constantly around people, who are like my second family, it’s nice to be alone on some of my free time. However, I love meeting new people as well, working out, feeding horses, I’m also a great cook and I can bake too. I like rainy days and I really enjoy Beautiful high-rise views.

HC: What are some things you like to cook/bake?

JT: Baked chicken, asparagus, broccoli…pretty much anything healthy and I like baking cakes for my friends on their birthdays.

HC: Any Favorite movies?

JT: The Departed and The Wood.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

JT: I want to be working in the NFL front office, in the scouting department, either with college scouting or player personnel.

HC: Do you have anything you want to say about this Aggie football season?

JT: We have to take everything one day at a time and one game at a time. Make each day count because you are either getting better or worse. There is no such thing as staying the same. So that’s the plan for this season: take it one day at time. 

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