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Celebrating Thanksgiving Without Family

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When I think of Thanksgiving, I normally imagine spending time with family and eating lots of food. However, last year’s Thanksgiving looked very different for me. Instead of going home for the holiday, I spent it cooped up in my dorm room with nothing to do. It definitely left me defeated and drained by the time finals rolled around. This was not the ideal Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t go home due to distance and the multitude of school work I had to do before the semester was over.

This year I am not going home again, but I’m determined to make this Thanksgiving better than the last. While I have project and essay deadlines looming, I would like to spend at least one day recharging before hitting the books. I’ve complied a list of ideas to consider doing before college starts back up again, and I recommend you try adding this to your schedule if you’re in the same boat as me.

Going Outside

Last year, I spent minimal time outside over Thanksgiving Break, which looking back, was not good for my mental health at all. I remember only walking around campus once and calling it a day. This year, I look forward to going outside more often even if the weather is not ideal. One benefit from living in Texas is that the weather shouldn’t be too unbearable over Thanksgiving! Anyhow, spending that time outside should benefit me, and I hope to be able to do walks every day now that I have the time.

Celebrating Christmas Early

In College Station, there is an amusement park called Santa’s Wonderland, and it has already opened for the holiday season! I know how some people feel about celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I don’t think I can miss the opportunity to go. I’ve never gone, but based off the images, there’s lots of things to do and see! Considering that there will be less college students roaming College Station over Thanksgiving Break, I am determined to go before it gets busier as we get closer to Christmas.

Shop and Try Out New Restaurants

Personally, I have not had time to shop or relax while enjoying a meal. There’s always deadlines or commitments, but hopefully Thanksgiving will provide me that slight break to enjoy my time. I hope to knock out some of my Christmas shopping, and dine in at a couple of restaurants instead of taking everything to go. I wouldn’t mind if I see some Christmas decorations around the city as well. If I do feel lonely or overwhelmed staying here for break, I hope the Christmas spirit will wash away all those negative feelings.

Host a Friendsgiving

This seems like an obvious one but also the most intimidating. Not only does it involve planning out a meal for several people but it also involves having friends available. Many of my friends are going home for break, so it’s looking to be a small Friendsgiving if I do decide to host one. However, that would make it easier for me to cook a Thanksgiving meal. While I will not be cooking a turkey (too intimidating), I will for sure at least try baking something for my friends to try!

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