Calling All Fashion Lovers: My 5 Favorite Online Clothing Stores

During these unprecedented times, I know the last thing that so many of us want to be doing is shopping in stores. Limited stock and fitting rooms aren't an option? Yeah, no thanks. I've decided that online shopping is the best way to appease my shopping habits from here on out. Because of this, I've gathered a few of my favorite online clothing stores to start your online shopping addiction if this whole pandemic hasn’t helped you out with that already.

  1. 1. Princess Polly

    If you’re an avid YouTube watcher like me, then you’ve probably heard of this online boutique. I don’t think I can even go one week without seeing a Princess Polly haul in my subscription feed, but honestly I’m not complaining. At one point the clothes were only available in Australia, but in the past couple of years they’ve expanded their reach to the United States and I’m MORE than happy about it. I love all the fun color options they have to offer. It's truly a unique shopping experience on this site!

    P.S. for all of you college students trying to save a few bucks, look up recent Princess Polly hauls on YouTube and without a doubt you will find a 20% off coupon in that video’s description box. It’s been a huge lifesaver for me.

  2. 2. Abercrombie

    Now I know what you’re thinking. And no, Abercrombie is not just a clothing store that caters to middle school girls. Trust me, they’ve really stepped up their game in the clothing department and I’m totally here for it. They have so many basics to complete your look. And their denim!? A game changer. At this point in my life, Abercrombie’s denim shorts will forever be my go-to clothing piece.

  3. 3. Zara

    Zara is one of those clothing stores that has so many unique and bold options. If you’re looking to add a few statement pieces to your wardrobe, this is definitely the store out of this list that you’ll want to remember. Their prices can tend to be a bit on the more expensive side, but sometimes it’s fun to splurge on that statement jacket or pair of shoes that you’ve always wanted to add to your collection. I will say though, make sure to keep a look out while shopping here because you can find some great deals too!

  4. 4. Nasty Gal

    I recently started loving Nasty Gal after hearing about their insane deals, and honestly their clothes do not disappoint. If you’ve been wanting to try out a new fashion trend, but also don’t want to spend a ton of money on fleeting fashion, you need to check out this shop asap!

  5. 5. ASOS

    ASOS has had a special place in my heart for the past couple of years now. Without a doubt, if I'm asked for a recommendation on clothing stores, I always point them towards here because of the wide variety of clothes they have to offer. I’ve genuinely never seen an online clothing store with so many pieces. Not only is ASOS their own brand, but they also have an entire section on their website dedicated to other brands that they feature. Some of my favorites include Mango, Stradivarius, and Pull&Bear. Plus they offer free returns, another bonus for us college students!

I know many people have a love/hate relationship with online shopping, but try checking out a few of these shops and see if they're able to change your mind. You never know what might catch your eye!