Calling all Caffeine Lovers: A Week of Coffee Shops

If I could live in a coffee shop, I probably would. They are the perfect place for catching up with friends, getting your caffeine fix, and starting that 10-page essay due by midnight tonight—we’ve all been there. As residents of the Bryan-College Station area, we have tons of adorable coffee shops at our finger tips. For solely professional purposes, I went to a different coffee shop every day for a week so that you, dear reader, would know where to get your caffeine fix.

Sweet Eugene’s

I started off at one of my favorites. The inside is incredibly eclectic, quirky and cozy. Although I have come here many times, I made a rather embarrassing mistake. While I was taking the last sip of my perfectly-made latte, I leaned my head back and saw the lady who sits on the ledge. I jumped, had a slight heart attack, realized it’s just the mannequin, then looked around to see everyone else eyeing me suspiciously. When you come to Sweet Eugene’s, take the time to appreciate the artwork, quirkiness, and oddities… and don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the lady on the ledge.


This has to be one of the coziest coffee shops. Aside from the warm colors and homey decorations, my favorite thing about Lupa’s is that they serve every drink in a mug rather than a paper cup. Plus, they make every drink look as perfect as their decor. I got hot chocolate and it included the pretty design of Instagram worthy coffee art... or maybe it’s called hot chocolate art. Either way it was delicious and adorable.

Harvest Coffee Bar

Day 3 did not disappoint. Harvest is a tiny coffee shop in Downtown Bryan and it matches the charm of the area. A blue vintage piano serves as the table for sugar, straws and such. I could’ve just sat in there all evening and enjoyed the atmosphere, but unfortunately my French homework was not going to do itself. I ordered a latté and after my first sip, I realized I was now more distracted than before. The coffee here is out of this world. If vintage décor and amazing coffee doesn’t distract you, I would highly recommend this adorable coffee shop.

Gogh Gogh Coffee

If you drive a few minutes down Highway 6, you’ll find this coffee shop dedicated to Vinvent Van Gogh. Since it’s a little ways out of town, it was the least crowded place I went this week. Their menu has Vincent Van Gogh themed items like Lowe on the Gogh: a coffee milkshake, and Starry-Night latte. They even celebrate his birthday with a party and specials. Next time you need an escape from the crowds, you should definitely Gogh here.

Minuti Coffee

Located at the intersection of University and Texas, this is one coffee shop I cannot stay away from. Aside from the delicious coffee, Minuti serves gelato that you can either enjoy by itself or you can get an affogato, espresso poured over gelato. This Italian coffee shop will transport you to the busy streets of Rome or maybe Milan. Try to focus on that rather than the fact that you are cramming for tomorrow’s exam.

The Village Cafe

For day six, I headed back into Bryan and stopped at this gem. It is the perfect little coffee shop; bright red couches are scattered around the room and the decorations on the wall give off the coziest vibe. The coffee matched the atmosphere and the food was wonderfully homemade. They change their art every month so be sure to stop by often to enjoy it all. If you want Salsa lessons or enjoy singer/songwriters, check out their calendar for the list of the month’s events. If you’re an indecisive person, The Village Cafe is the perfect coffee shop, restaurant, art gallery, dance studio, or concert venue for you.


With three on campus alone, I could not leave out this coffee giant. If all of the above coffee shops are full or you just need a few more stars to get that free drink, Starbucks will always have your back. Their newly released spring cups provide another reason to head down to your closest SB and order that upside down, extra hot, caramel macchiato with coconut milk.