Big Event

Over 22, 000 A&M students partook in Big Event 2015. Big Event is an all day event where students give up their Saturday as a way to say “Thank you!” to the local Bryan/College Station community.

Big Event is my favorite Aggie tradition because students can make a direct impact on a family or person by volunteering their time and helping them with whatever task they need completed.

This year, I woke up at 6:45 am and headed out to Kick- off to hit up all the free vendors and participate in a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Big Event Yell Practice (Whoop!) (Yes, I can officially whoop now! A-A-A WHOOP!) After, we headed out to the family’s house and were greeted with open arms and friendly faces.  We pulled weeds, mulched, and laid down topsoil. Not going to lie, it left me extremely sore, but it is definitely worth it. The family was so grateful for the work we did in their yard that they even fed us lunch! As a college student, that is one of the best “thank you," you can receive. Other things students did were paint, plant flowers, pick up trash, work on fences, and many other things. 

If you were not able to do Big Event this year, I highly highly HIGHLY (did I mention that enough?)  recommend trying it next year.  In my opinion, it’s the second best way to spend a Saturday in good ol’ Cstat besides going to an Aggie football game. Plus, you get a free t-shirt out of it, and who doesn’t like free t-shirts?

Aggies are known as selfless, kind individuals, and nothing like those t.u slips (sssssss!). It’s what makes us, us.

Did you know A&M founded Big Event? 33 years later, and now it is a tradition at 110 schools worldwide. 

"One Big Day. One Big Thanks. One Big Event."

Be sure to volunteer for the Big Event next March, and in the mean time you can volunteer elsewhere because, of course, it’s the Aggie thing to do.