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Looking for a spooky thrill but tired of watching the same old thing every year? Too lazy to sit through previews? Here’s my top recommendations for the newest spooks and thrills to watch this Halloween summarized in one sentence and a gif.

Eli, 2019

Supernatural Horror Movie

The house has secrets, but the secret his parents are hiding is scarier than any ghost.


In the Tall Grass, 2019

Psychological Horror Movie

Can you escape the maze before your death catches up with you?

I am Mother, 2019

Post Apocalyptic, Sci-fi Thriller Movie

Mother isn’t who you think she is and neither is the world.

A.M.I., 2019

Sci-fi Thriller Movie

She’s your virtual assistant… in murder

(yes this is a jurassic gif pic, yes debs howard is in this movie)  

Chambers, 2019

Horror TV Show

Her new heart has a mind of its own and it’s not too happy.

Black Mirror, 2019

Sci-Fi Thriller/Horror TV Show

Three new episodes, three new stories of technology gone wrong.

The I-Land, 2019

Sci-fi Thriller TV show

You don’t know who you are or where you are, but you think you might have killed someone.

American Horror Story, Apocalypse, 2018

Horror TV Show

Welcome back to the coven, how about a nice cup of fire and brimstone for the ride?

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