Best & Worst Looks of Met Gala 2014


So as many of you may know one of our favorite red carpet events just passed, the Met Gala. The Met Gala has always been known for its jaw-dropping gowns that cascade down the Met steps, so many celebrities come dressed to impress. Here are some of our top best and worst looks of the night:


Top 3 Best Looks

1. Blake Lively

Hey upper east siders, S is back and more bangin than ever. She appeared on the Met Gala red carpet in a glamorous Gucci gown. Her hair, deep red accessories and lipstick topped off the look that won her the number one spot for the best look. And as an added bonus her best accessory was her sexy husband, Ryan Reynolds, right by her side.

2. Suki Waterhouse

As many of you may not know that this beauty is currently dating heartthrob, Bradley Cooper. Yes I know even though it would be so easy to hate her, this Burberry gown made her a show stopper at the Met Gala. 

3. Charlize Theron

This radiant look snagged her a spot on our top three best looks because of her stunning Dior dress that showed off her age defying curves. The look was topped off with the brilliant touch of her black blazer that added a major factor to the whole look.


Top 3 Worst Looks

1. Maggie Gylenhaal

Even though she has such a cute look to her and can pull off the pixie cut like no other, Maggie Gylehhaal gets the worst dressed spot of the Met Gala 2014. The pattern and colors of this Valentino dress were overwhelming and the matching cape didn’t do her any justice. Sorry Maggie, but your look was just too much for us!

2. Katie Holmes

Now even though Katie resembles one of my favorite childhood princesses (Belle from Beauty and the Beast,) in this Marchesa dress, the Met Gala is not the place to play dress-up with daughter, Suri. The shade of yellow was not flattering and the dress engulfed her awesome body.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita has always been a stunner on the red carpet, so to see her in this overcrowded, green Prada dress is so unfortunate. The headband and matching heels didn’t make it any better. Newsflash Lupita, Coachella is over!