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Bend It Like Becca

Meet this puppy lovin’, pre-med soccer star! For this week’s Campus Profile, Rebecca Elder (aka: Becca) let us do a Q&A with her to get to know what she’s all about. Keep reading to meet this Aggie!


Her Campus: Where are you from? 

Rebecca Elder: Dallas, TX

HC: Are you a Cowboys or Mavericks fan?

RE: Yes!! I’m really hoping Johnny Manziel ends up with the Cowboys next season!

HC: What year are you?

RE: Junior

HC: What’s your major?

RE: BEP Program through Kinesiology

HC: What do you hope to do with that?

RE: I hope to one day go to medical school and become a pediatrician.

HC: What are some ways you’re involved at A&M?

RE: I am a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Pre-Med Society, and I am president of Women’s Club Soccer.

HC: How would you spend a free Saturday?

RE: If I had a completely free Saturday, I would take my two dogs (Nina & Dez) on a road trip to a hiking spot.

HC: What kind of dogs do you have?

RE: Nina is a yorkie poo and Dez is a German shepherd.

HC: What are some of your favorite shows right now?

RE: I really enjoy “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Quantico,” and “Scandal.”

HC: Favorite song on the radio?

RE: Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

HC: Tell us something interesting about you.

RE: I am a huge dog lover, and I enjoy staying active. Also, my cheat meals always include pizza.

HC: Any plans for spring break?

RE: Gulf shores, Alabama 

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