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I’m going to keep it real with you, today wasn’t the best, and by wasnt the best, I mean it was pretty bad. Bad days are inevitable, but you know the bad days that take everything out of you? And then take some more? Yes, that was my day. I had work at seven in the morning, and had to stay two hours late, until five in the evening. I was making mistakes, there were miscommunications, and I became greatly irritated. Everything was annoying me. One small thing after another stacked up inside of my brain until I couldn’t take it anymore. When I finally made it out of work, I got stuck in forty-five minute traffic, and was late to a mandatory workshop. At this point, it felt like someone was curating the perfect storm, creating this bad day, and laughing at me from a distance.

There have always been seasons within my life. Within some of these seasons I have healthier tendencies than others. When thrown into a bad mood, at times I can spiral out of control. Continuously digging myself into a hole, deeper, and deeper until I look back and it feels almost impossible to climb out. In my better seasons, I am able to recognize my thought patterns and correct them in the moment. 

Later that evening, in my car, on the way to grab myself a well deserved pizza, sanity finally overcame me. I could not control what had already happened today. Did I let my mindset get the best of me, yes. Could I have controlled my emotions better? Also yes. I can only hope to learn from these situations. What I could control in that very moment was how the rest of my night was going to play out. I picked up my pizza, travelled home, and set the mood for the rest of my evening. I remembered that mindset is everything. I tidied up, completed my nighttime routine, and cozied myself into bed. Sometimes, life throws us scraps. But I say, when life throws us scraps, make a quilt. Learning from our own toxic behavior, calling ourselves out when we need it, is essential in becoming our best self. Become aware of your own toxic tendencies, how can you correct them?  


Hey I'm Sadie. You probably know more dogs with my name than people. I'm obsessed with Dutch Bros, Social Media, Videography, and sleeping. You can find me in the self help section of Barnes & Noble on Tuesdays from 5-7 P.M. Thanks and Gig-em! *thumbs up*
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