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We know spring is in full season with its chilly mornings, warm rains, and bursts of pollen wafting in the air. You decide to buy something light after shuffling through your wardrobe – too wintery for spring. After you try it on, you realize “it doesn’t look as good” on you. You might have contemplated why you don’t look you

Surprisingly, your body shape might be the answer more than you think.

What do you mean “Body shape” ?

Body shape doesn’t always refer to your weight, size, or height. Body shape is the general skeletal structure of your body and the distribution of your mass like fat and muscles. Your body shape most likely came from genetics but can be changed with your environment (although it is difficult). There are many different types of body shapes, but the four main ones you hear about would be:

  • Pear-shaped Body: This would be when you have a small top half of your body and narrower shoulders. At the same time, you would have a larger butt area and hips. Your waist is well-defined.
  • Hourglass Body: This is similar to the shape of an hourglass. Your shoulders (your top half) and your hips (or your bottom half) would be the same size. At the same time, you would have a smaller, narrower waist.
  • Inverted triangle-shaped Body: This shape might sound as the exact opposite of the pear-shaped body. Now, you would have larger, broader shoulder and top half, while your hips and butt area are smaller in proportion.
  • Rectangle or the “athletic” Body: Your body is roughly the same width throughout. In other words, your butt area and hips are just about the same size as your shoulders. This is similar to an hourglass body shape except your waist might not be as well-defined.

By this time, most of us would be wondering, couldn’t you change your body with diet, exercise, and weight lost? It is good to note that changing your habits and controlling your weight might make you toner, but your body still retains roughly the same skeletal structure and mass proportioning. Since it is difficult to change the body shape, and most of us are likely stuck to a body shape throughout our life, it becomes important to appreciate the beauty of our body. Here are some tips!

Appreciate your body

Balance between emphasis and attention

Everyone has their own insecurities. Some may fumble through their wardrobe, finding a piece of clothing to cover their shoulders or their waist. Others might wear larger clothing to give an illusion to their size. Sure, you might shudder at the thought of your insecurities, but it is time to look at the what is beautiful about yourself and your body. Maybe you have a broad shoulders that look stunning in coat or a curvy waist that emphasizes your dress. It’s all about balance. Knowing how to set the mood. At the end of the day, it is truly beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Not all “Pinterest” styles have to fit you! Play and have fun

We scroll through Pinterest and save clothing that we have come to awe and glorify. It reality, because most clothing designers and most stores use one body shape when making their design, the clothing might not look as “stunning” on us. It important to keep your body shape in mind when looking at designs. Have some fun matching clothing and mixing styles. If you can’t seem to find a way for you to fit the style, it’s time to change that thinking. How will the style fit you?

It not always the clothing that grabs the eyes

We emphasize so much on clothing and how to match to our body styles that we might end up forgetting something important: accessories. Although you might worry that your clothing might look too plain or too glamorous for an occasion, you can always throw in a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings to add some flavor. You might pull down those sunglasses to fit the mood. Or, it might be the footwear, bags, or headwear that draw the attention and compliments. It’s always good to remind yourself of the options if the clothing doesn’t quite cut a dash.

Howdy! My name is Abhisri Dasari! I'm from Sugar Land, TX, and I'm an engineering major at A&M. I'm passionate about bringing awareness to immigrant issues, women's rights, and environmental crisis (ahem. Climate change). I love to explore something new and always up for a challenge (or an adventure).