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10.) State of Grace – Taylor Swift

The emotion in this song is perfect. In a way, it reminds me of the band U2. Also, Fall time really is a state of grace, isn’t it?


9.) Craving – James Bay

Reminds me of running away to NYC and never looking back. I imagine myself leaving my Brooklyn apartment in Doc Martens and ripped black jeans on my way to catch the subway.


8.) Work Song – Hozier

Hozier comes out of my playlist “Hibernation in September”. It’s an oldie but SUCH a goodie. 


7.) Song For Zula – Phosphorescent 

I feel like the dramatic folk feeling this song possesses really encompasses autumn time.


6.) Boston – Augustana

This song also makes me want to run away to another city and never look back. I guess that’s my fall vibe.


5.) Blood Bank – Bon Iver

Heart-wrenching. The guitar and soft melodies are haunting. 


4.) Holocene – Bon Iver

No explanation, it just IS a Fall song. 


3.) Chicago – Sufjan Stevens

This song is immaculate. The imagery within the lyrics really makes me think of autumn time. “You came to take us; all things go, all things go; to recreate us; all things grow, all things grow…” It really reminds me of how I feel in the Fall season. Many people see spring as a time of rebirth; however, fall is usually my time of personal transformation. 


2.) Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Do I even have to explain? This song makes me want to drive along the coast of California while it is windy and rainy. It is straight out of a scene from Big Little Lies, literally. 


1.) Dog Years – Maggie Rogers

I always say I want this song to be the first dance at my wedding. Maggie does a remarkable job incorporating sounds from her trips into the forest within her production. It has a comforting yet sorrowful feeling. 


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