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All the Details You Need for A Fun Night at Harry’s 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

Going to Harry’s can be a spur of a moment decision or a night that has been planned for a week.  But before you head out, it’s important to be aware of the atmosphere you are about to step into. 

Harry’s Dancing Etiquette

This is a country bar.  So the music will be full of country music to dance with a partner with.  Occasionally there might be a pop song thrown in and a dance circle will form, but for the most part, it is partner dancing.

With that being said, I encourage everyone to get on the dance floor.  Even if you’re not the best dancer, try it!  

If you go with friends, don’t be afraid to take to the dance floor with them.  And if you get asked by a stranger, say yes!  (Bonus point if you’re the one to ask a stranger for a dance). 

When dancing, be aware of your surroundings.  Try your best not to crash into anybody.  And if you do, it’s nothing a quick sorry can’t fix.

And when you exit the dance floor for a break, observe the other dancers.  Some are great and you can stare in awe as they do dips and twirls and twists.  If you’re lucky, an Aggie Wrangler will be on the dance floor.

If a line dance starts up, and you don’t know the steps, exit the dance floor and observe.  If you can pick up the steps, feel free to join in.


Cowboy boots are a must.  If you don’t have a pair, invest in one.  Your last resort should be a white sneakers.  

Jeans, regardless of the heat, is the standard.  This is the aesthetic.  Especially for the bucks.  Guys tend to pair jeans and cowboy boots with a button down shirt and the occasional cowboy hat.  

For the does, there’s a little more room for variation in the outfit.  In the heat, it’s a toss up between jean shorts or jeans.  This can be paired with a crop top, a flannel, whatever.  As long as it’s cute.  Or you can go the cute summer dress route.  Just make sure the dress has shorts underneath so you don’t end up flashing anyone.

You will be moving, so make sure everything is secure.  I made the mistake of wearing a top held together by two ties and I was left feeling a little paranoid that the top was going to come loose.

Drink Responsibly (For those that at 21+)

Don’t show up hammered.  Harry’s focuses mainly on dancing, and while having a drink here and there is fine, I don’t advise being absolutely sloshed.  Especially if you haven’t country danced before.  Too much alcohol will leave you dizzy.  

If you are planning to have a heavy amount of drinks, I advise going to a different bar on northgate.  The Backyard or The Corner might be more of your style.


As always, it is extremely important to figure out the plan for transportation before any drinks are consumed.  Your group might choose to go the DD route, or an Uber might be the way to go.  If you do order an Uber or a Lift, be aware that the bars close at 2 and cars are far harder to get after 2:30.  I suggest scheduling the car by 1:30 at the latest.  This will prevent you from loitering outside the bars after the area gets deserted.  

Overall, just make sure to talk with the people you are going with at the beginning of the night about the transportation plan.

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