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If you don’t know who I am or haven’t seen my previous article, The 2 Percenter Aggie, then you may be wondering why I shipped my Aggie Ring home. For starters, what is an Aggie ring? The Aggie ring is a unique representation of achievement that signifies a huge milestone in your undergraduate education. It’s one of the indicators that you’re more than halfway done with your degree and one step closer to graduating. 

Like all other traditions here at Texas A&M, getting your ring is a big deal. The whole day is surrounded by your loved ones who drive to College Station to pick up your ring. However, so is another 10,000 people. I’ve personally never gone with one of my friends to pick up their ring, but I’ve always heard that they run behind schedule, rush you out the door and you’re most likely sweaty or uncomfortable depending on the climate for that day. This is why I decided to ship my ring home. I didn’t want to be in a room with thousands of people I did not know, receiving my ring from someone who did not know me and did not help me get where I am today in any way shape or form. I wanted to be surrounded by the people who loved me, and helped me through every step of the way. I wanted to make the moment special, not rushed, not flustered, and not anxious. So, shipping my ring home seemed like the best option. 

Just because I’m shipping my ring home doesn’t mean I’m not celebrating. My family and I are having our own ceremony at our own time, with the people who are actually a part of my support system. I’m a first generation college student and this isn’t just my accomplishment, but also my family’s. They deserve this just as much as I do and I would hate for the ceremony to be cut short after my family drives 3 hours for it. Shipping my Aggie ring home ensures that this moment is special for everyone without the chaos and scrambling, which is why I shipped mine.

Hi, I’m Taylor Douglas! I’m the Events Director for Her Campus at TAMU! I have the honor of creating/running all the events Her Campus does at TAMU! As for my writing, I enjoy creating articles about my personal experiences in life, which range from college experiences, current books I’ve read or new things I’ve tried! Beyond Her Campus, I’m also the Marketing Coordinator for LMSA PLUS at TAMU, which is a Latino Pre-Med organization, where I have the privilege of designing merchandise and updating our website. I also participate in a women’s organization on campus at A&M where I’m encouraged to break out of my shell! Additionally, I am a tutor for 5th and 6th graders off campus, which I love doing! Lastly, I’m a Senior Sociology major in hopes of going to PA school to pursue a career in Psychiatry! My free time is cut very thin, but whenever I do find the time, I enjoy quiet nights, wrapped in my bed sheets watching a good show or movie. I’m currently obsessed with Ugly Betty on Netflix and The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime and I’m probably the biggest Taylor Swift fan you'll encounter and I’m not ashamed to admit it.