Aggie FB Life: The Man Behind the Scenes

Aggie fb (football) life isn’t just another university run website that plainly tells you about football; it’s Aggie football revamped. It’s all about the behind the scenes lifestyle of an Aggie football player and what goes on skin deep. Aggie fb life is a one of a kind gem that has helped TAMU’s football department skyrocket to the extraordinary organization it is today. even has a link for the public to download the football team’s practice playlist, which is going the extra mile in terms of reaching out to fans.

This brings us to the question (more like mystery) of who runs Aggie fb life. Who is the man behind the scenes of all of this hectic material? The man is Ivan Licon, and I got the opportunity to meet up with him and talk about what Aggie fb life is all about.

HC TAMU: How did you get hired?

IL: Last summer, I worked as an intern with 12th Man Productions, and they told me “football wants to do this new thing with social media, would you be interested?” Of course, no brainer, I said yes.

HC TAMU: What is Aggie fb life’s aim?

IL: What we are trying to do is enhance A&M’s football social media presence through all the social media channels to make it relate more to the students we’re trying to bring in regarding football or school in general… I try to make people realize who we are and break the mainstream stereotypes about College Station.

HC TAMU: Tell me a little bit about what you do.

IL: I take the pictures and videos, make the videos, write the tweets, slogans, hashtags, etc. There are a couple of other guys who help me with whatever area we’re trying to hit. It’s not just me, though; there are like five other people involved as well, but all I do is Aggie fb life.

HC TAMU: What makes you love your job?

IL: Besides the obvious fact that I don’t have to worry about being unemployed (he recently graduated—December 2013), it doesn’t get much better than working with A&M football, ya know? This is the school I graduated from, and A&M football is at its peak of popularity. Being a part of the team and traveling is so awesome.

HC TAMU: What’s the most awesome experience you’ve had with Aggie Football?

IL: There’s a bunch of little moments like being in the locker room before the Alabama game… that was definitely an experience, but in general, you don’t realize everything that goes into it until you’re apart of it. There are so many people behind the scenes who are trying to help us win football games, and it’s crazy to think about. The football team really is like a family, and everyone looks out for each other. Just the aspect of everyone aiming towards a common goal… it’s fun to be a part of the team.

HC TAMU: Is there anything new and cool coming up?

IL: There’s an app we’ve been working on that should come out pretty soon. It’ll be a lot like the site, and everything pulled into one. We’re also already working on next year’s stuff. There’s also the NFL draft coming up, and we have three guys up for it. I’m probably going to go with them.

HC TAMU: Are there any downers to your job?

IL: I love my job and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, but sometimes I’m so focused on getting a specific photo, and it can get stressful. I’m looking through a lens and I don’t get to take it all in with my own senses. If something amazing happens, I don’t get to scream and cheer because I can’t mess up my video.

HC TAMU: What’s your end goal?

IL: I’m constantly making new goals, and I want to take Aggie fb life to a bigger scale. I’d love to turn it into a production crew, and I have a bunch of other ideas as well.

HC TAMU: Anything else you’d like to add?

IL: I really don’t like to publicize that it’s me because I like Aggie fb life to be a persona. I like that it’s a mystery. I’m not doing it for any personal gain; I’m doing it for Aggie football.

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