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When asking people what their favorite holiday is, most people replied with Christmas or Halloween. The few to say Thanksgiving mainly commented on the abundance of appetizing foods they were excited to feast on during this time. While I can agree that Thanksgiving food is one of the best parts, I think that the other aspects of this day have become underrated and overlooked. Many people consider Christmas the best time of year to spread kindness, even if it’s just to make Santa’s nice list last minute. In addition, Christmas is a holiday where people feel the rising need to carve out a few extra minutes out of their busy schedules for family and friends. However, every day can be a starting point to add more of these kind habits and positive relationships to your life. Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to begin engaging in this mindset.

I strongly believe in the effect of causing a chain reaction of kindness. These kind deeds can range from paying for the person behind you in line, which causes every person after you to do the same, to more personal acts like complimenting someone’s outfit. These actions can brighten so many peoples’ day and spread some encouragement in a world filled with so much negative criticism. August through December is such a hectic time in my life, which I believe many college students can relate to. I find that it becomes increasingly easy to pinpoint the negative aspects of my life and fall into a negative mindset. I love that Thanksgiving is a little reminder during these more frantic months of my life to slow down and start appreciating the positive parts of my life as well. As I take more time to count up the good things and use the break from school to spend a moment with the incredible people in my life, it reinforces the fact that there are more good aspects in the world than bad. Negative moments in life will come and go, but the happy memories made with the people you love will stick with you forever. A great way I count my blessings is by journaling. At the end of every day I take a minute to reminisce over exciting or impactful things that affected me positively, and write them down. This way, I won’t forget the beautiful parts of my day.

Hannah Hubbard is a Junior communications major at Texas A&M from Angleton, Texas. Reading and writing have always been a big part of her life, which was a leading factor in why she joined Her Campus during her freshman year! She is a second-year member who is a part of the events committee. In the events committee, she organizes social events for members. Hannah has also been a part of the writing and editing committee and has written thirteen articles. Beyond Her Campus, Hannah Is extremely focused on academics. She is a part of the pre-law Society at Texas A&M and hopes to use the organization's opportunities to pursue her future career. Hannah hopes to go to Law school after graduating from Texas A&M to pursue a career in public policy or something similar. She also hopes to be able to publish a book and still incorporate reading and writing into her life for fun. In her free time, Hannah enjoys listening to music, reading, karaoke, drinking matcha, and hanging out with her friends and family. Hannah loves animals and has five dogs, twenty cows, two donkeys, and a cat back home. Her comfort book is “Better Than The Movies” by Lynn Painter, and she recommends it to any fellow avid romance book reader. Hannah also enjoys traveling and hopes to experience more parts of the world one day.